A cry For Love Episode 30



Working was so hard at the moment with the things going on around me. I sat in my office with other officers lost in my own mind. I was not having a good time at all.

“Sir there is a woman outside who asked to see you” the warrant officer was speaking to me but I was not paying attention at all, I could hear her but was so lost I could not respond.

“Sir? Are you okey? “The woman asked again making me look up at her in a rush.

“Yes what did you say?” I asked her again now paying attention.

“Sir, you have been like this for some time now, are you okey? “She asked sitting down before me. She was an elderly woman though she gave me respect since I was of a higher rank. I looked at her concerned look, she was like our mother in our department.

“I am not I have something burning me up I have no idea how am going to resolve my issues” I told her honestly shaking my head.

“I heard about Col Bwembya “she sighed.

“You did huh? “ I looked at her.

“Well, you know how it is here, people have been talking, but for now, go and see the woman outside Sir, then we can talk later”

Going outside, I was not surprised to see Ketty`s mother, I had expected her to appear after what happened with Ketty.

“How are you Mario?” she greeted me I was not expecting her to be that calm.

“Am okey, what brings you here?” I went on asking her without hesitation, I didn’t think I needed her company that much to entertain her. She looked down on the ground and back at me.

“am sorry Mario, Ketty told me several times you were a good man and when the issue with the mother to your kids happened, I just lost it, I wanted my daughter to stand up and be a strong woman who doesn’t lose battles” she started I had no words for her at the moment, the thing is I had no idea what she was driving at and so I watched her give her speech in silence.

“Am sorry that I planted my evil thoughts in her, yes, I know what you are going to say about me, am a bad mother and all that but believe me, I love my daughter and I wanted to see her happy. Seeing her desperate and sad made me push her to the limit in the hope she was going to have a better life than I had. “

“What do you want ma, honestly I don’t have the whole day here with you, I have work to do” I cut her short seriously not buying her sorry face.

“I came to apologize and ask that you help Ketty out of Prison, she will be taken for final judgement and might be locked up for a long time, she has a long life ahead of her and I don’t want, in fact I cannot stand seeing her in prison, so yes, am a fool or evil, whatever names you can call me but I need my daughter`s freedom” she went on now pleading with me.

“I am sorry mam, I really am, but what your daughter did is unforgivable, I have known Ketty for years and that human being she has turned into is not the same Ketty I know, you are right, it’s your fault she is there and now it’s beyond me, I cannot help her cause am not the one she shot, she has to pay for her crimes, what could have happened if she succeeded in killing Chisomo? Could you have been here saying what you are saying now?” I sighed shaking my head.

“I know she was wrong and now she has come to her senses, just forgive her and help her for the sake of your past together please I beg you” she knelt down crying. I could not help but feel bad for her, she looked sad and even though I had my doubts about her genuineness, I still felt sorry for her and her daughter.

“Like I said mam, it’s not up to me anymore, she shot an innocent man who took the bullet for Chisomo and the court has the final say on the matter. So please find another way out for your daughter because to be sincere, there is little I can do for her” I told her as a matter of fact and she stood up wiping her tears.

“I thought you loved my daughter, I was right you are just useless” she spat and started walking away. I watched her leave and sighed hopelessly,

“I knew it was too good to be true” I whispered to myself as I walked back inside.

“Yes madam, what were you saying about col Bwembya?” I asked the warrant officer the moment I settled down back in the office.

“well, I heard what happened at your house and now there is rumor around from last evening that he is marrying that woman you told me about, people are saying he is arranging a private marriage ceremony and will marry that Chisomo today” the woman spoke in a whisper I looked her seriously not believing her words.

“no, it cannot be, I was with Chisomo this entire time even this morning, we have been talking about this issue and she has not mentioned anything of marriage to that old man” I shook my head thinking what she head was pure speculation and knowing how people spread rumors, I assumed it was one of those times they were creating false stories.

“Mario, the thing is the officer he used claim that the girl, I mean your girl Chisomo is not aware yet, he will give her no choice so they say. I know that man Mario, he worked here for years even before his wife died, he is the kind of man that loves small women. If what I hear is true, you have to stand up and fight for that girl or you will lose her, the fact that you are a junior officer to him even makes things worse” she added firmly.

I looked at her and away wondering if what I was hearing was actually happening around my life.

“What is this now?” I asked mostly to myself. Standing up, I looked down at her.

“Where will he arrange for the marriage?” I asked her after trying Chisomo`s number and finding it was not going through, I called the nanny from home she told me Chisomo was taken by some two strange looking men together with the kids. I was panicking as I asked the warrant officer

“I am not sure about that, but if I was to make a guess, the only place that man would play around with is the chapel, the one in ZAF Lusaka since he last worked there, he must have a lot of friends to do his dirt jobs there” she sighed and I took off to my car.

It was like God was leading me to save Chisomo as the time I arrived at the Chapel. I saw a vehicle pulling over and Chisomo was led out in a white dress, she was slowly walking in and I looked around to see the kids but they were nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of thinking through things, I knew going ahead to confront the Colonel would not work. The challenge with our defence system is you have to respect those in the higher positions no matter what, I decided since I could not take him down on my own, I needed help.

The station commander was just leaving his office when I rushed to him paying compliments before him.

“What brings you officer?” he asked walking on to his car.

‘am sorry to disturb you Sir, but I need your help Sir” I quickly uttered and he stopped looking at me.

“Go on…” he motioned to me. I Quickly gave my story about Chisomo and the Colonel making sure to stick to Col Bwembya’s involvement. At last he agreed to follow the matter declaring he was not going to allow his base be used for silly jokes and games.

The moment we both walked in the chapel, Chisomo was being dragged to the altar by the two men who always followed the Col around since he started following me and Chisomo.

“Chisomo! “ I called out and she turned to look at me, they all faced our direction and I saw the Colonel`s face go down upon seeing the commander with me. I ran to rescue my woman and she took the opportunity running to me and falling in my arms crying.

“Am sorry Mario, he dragged me and the kids here” she sobbed

“I know, am here now, don’t worry things will be okey soon” I rubbed her back gently.

“Good morning Sir!” Col Bwembya greeted the commander who looked at him from head to toe shaking his head.

“What is going on here?” he asked and the Col stammered failing to explain himself. Chisomo was asked what was happening and she gave her story which was in line with my own. Later that morning I was told to take Chisomo home and went back to see the commander.

After talking and reprimanding the Col for his behavior, the commander made sure he was deterred from coming near Chisomo and the kids, he was given firm warning and he knew better than disobey the order.

“Am sorry sir, it will never happen again” he saluted but the commander made a face at him.

“You are lucky you are retired, you could have been severely punished for such acts, and how you dare disgrace the force? “He scolded him. After which he told me if at all the man would bother me, then I was to report directly to the commander.

Chisomo was glad the Col was finally off her back, but she led me to the sitting room telling me she was not going to stay with me.

“I know what you are going to say Mario but before you do that, understand me, this is real life we are talking about here and I don’t want to have this kind of life for our children I want them to grow in a peaceful environment. Am not running away this time around Mario, I just want us to come to an understanding that you and I will not be together. I love you and by now you know that, but please if you do love me, allow me to go and live with the kids. Maybe, just maybe in the near future things will work out.” She went on telling me her hands wrapped around mine.

I wanted her, I loved her, but I knew she was right, our relationship had a bad start and we were not going to build anything the way things were. Painfully I had to agree to her suggestion. She needed her peace and so did the twins, for them both I was ready to sacrifice my happiness.

“please don’t hesitate to call me in case of anything and when all this is finally over, allow me to know where you are so I can come over and see the kids” I begged after failing to convince her I should be going to see the kids.

“that is not staying apart Mario, all am asking is we go our separate ways and see how things work out and in the period, I don’t want to see you” she had told me without changing her mind. I got the money I had saved up and gave her something to start over with.

“I hope they will be okey” I whispered to myself as I watched them leave in a taxi she booked from the road. I knew I would miss the twins as well but I decided to man up and face my tomorrow with a new vibe, to start over, I thought I needed it too.

To be continued