Your Highness,
I can entertain you from a distance; I could communicate to you on social media and I can tell you I love you forever. I can taut myself as Mr. Romantic and fly with you on the wings of Love from afar but that is not enough! It is but just one of the Five Languages of Love(which I will introduce you to, in my last edition).
I celebrate for I finally found someone who takes my breath away- someone I can share my love with but What is love if you are not here with me?
What would be more romantic than seeing your pretty face everyday in reality?
I can confidently say, when God made you, He might have been thinking of me. If I can have a girl like you who loves me for who I am, how can I break such a heart? 
I won’t even disagree with you in public. With little or no accounting background, you are going to be the Chief Accountant of our home.
I am only privy to dream images but if what I see will be the exact reflection in the physical realm, then I can vouch for you as a potential Miss Universe Crowned Queen.
Considering your beauty, I’m pretty sure you must have turned dozens of proposals down to fulfill our destiny.
I am urging you to tread on this same veracious path and remain tenacious to this destined cause. 
I can’t imagine losing you.
I need you and I can’t go a day without you. I want to build my world around you. 
If this strong affection I have for you is induced by ‘black magic ‘, then I’m pleading with you to go tighten it the more. 
All I ask from you is to give me an open heart and a clear conscience. 
Obstacles are inevitable but I encourage you to break any wall down if it stands in your way. 
Temptations are imminent but I nudge you to stand firm and put our destiny above any other because I will also do anything in my capacity to protect our destined future.
I will appreciate and worship your love.
I wanna let you know that nothing can condense my affection for you. 
You are my ‘atiadonko’, my royal princess, my woman: my everything my numbre uno and my last stop! 
To be continued… 
#InspiredBy: dear future wife series 
#Author: Kwame Ernest Adu 
#Dedication:to all the women in my life
#PhotoCredit: Elorm Kosi Deklu  Deks Media Gh