​Ghana blues. 


Last week, Kweku, my Ghanaian friend dragged me to his country. The Lagos to Accra flight was short but interesting. We touched down at Kotoka international airport and underwent all the formalities. 
“What is in that bag you are holding?” The immigration official asked me.
 “It is my Ghana must go bag” 
“What did you say?” he raised his eyebrow and his gun! 
“Ghana must grow bag sir!”
 “Chaley, Akwaba! Welcome to the land of the black star!” He said with a smile. 
“Thank you!” …where is the gold? Where are the ankara materials? Where is kente? What can I bring back home from Accra?… 
The sights and sounds of Accra were breathtaking. Elmina castle, Labadi pleasure beach, Kwama Nkrumah mausoleum…Makola market..Awesome!. 
We went window shopping at Marina mall. Time to eat! A nice eatery located at No. 4, Mango tree avenue. “Mama Efua, give this my naija friend a delicious Ghana meal so that he would taste and see that Ghana has the best dishes ever! 
“Naija man, there is Kenkey and Banku here, do you want it?”
 “Bring it!” 
“There is ground nut soup with fufu if you are interested…” 
“Bring it!” 
“There is waakaye here o” 
“Bring it!”
 “There is Shito here too” 
“Bring…wait! Does it taste like shit? 
“Don’t insult my food you this anago man!” 
“Sorry madam” 
“There is jollof rice here o”
 “Don’t bring it! Nigerian jollof tastes better!” 
“Who said so? Do you know Michael Essien is better than Mikel Obi?” 
“Blasphemy! Mercy Johnson is better than Yvonne Nelson”
 “Majid Michael is better than Ramsey Noah” 
“You people paaa, stop arguing and eat now” 
My stomach almost burst with the different varieties of food on the table. Kweku then dragged me to the five star Movenpick Ambassador hotel where I would be spending the night. 
“Hey, let’s go and see Sarkodie” 
“Sarkodie is loungeing in this hotel?” 
“Yes boss” 
We met the rapper sitting on a reclining chair beside the swimming pool.
 “Good day sir, are you Sarkodie?” I asked. 
“Obidiponbidi! What else?”
 “Its nice to meet you. I listen to your songs. Can you rap for me?”
 “You know what time it is?” He asked. 
“Yes boss”, Kweku interjected and continued
“I want to take this my Naija friend to a club tonight but the small wahala be say money no too dey my pocket, mahama neva pay me salary” 
“You know say money no be problem!” Sarkodie exclaimed and tossed a stack of fresh Cedi notes at us. 
“Thank you sah!”
 “No wahala, aboki na my guy!”