The world became stunning monitoring the elections on the 8th of August, 2017 in Kenya. Critics who wanted to paint the bloody and bad side of Kenya and Africa in general also waited to do that solemnly. But after two days of the elections, there was absolutely nothing bad to paint, no horrific pictures and videos to show, and no worrying audios aired about the elections of Kenya and Africa. 

It has since been a moment of joy and happiness as the elections ended in peace and not in pieces. Though there has been some objections from the opposition, especially Raila Odinga, but in general there was peace and Kenya is bent to move on. 
It should be noted that voter turnout was appreciative and that deepens the fact that Kenya and Africa in general is well embracing democracy and working hard to make sure our old but weary democracy grows. 
Now some few observation here. It should be observed that both Uhuru and Ralia never participated in the maiden presidential debate prior the elections yet they were the forerunners for this elections. Is it to show us that the people of Kenya are not interested in the methodology used to undertake the promises and projects set by our presidential candidates? Or Kenyans take solace in other factors like religion, culture orientation, and personality before they vote and do not mind how the promises made by Uhuru and Ralia will be implemented? That is not to undermine and maligned the people of Kenya but I am only seeking answers.
An attempted hacking, that is worrying and I must quickly suggest that a thorough investigation be run into the current system to ascertain the true fact about this attempted hacking. If and only if it is true, who did that and what was the intent behind it? It         is my wish that we merge finally technology into the electoral process, but Kenya can only do this if the security of the Technology to be adopted is well, tighter and protected. 
It is evident, that Ralia Odinga, the opposition leader has since called for calm and peace as he uses the approved methods to address his grievances. Kenya, our critics are still watching us. We can’t slack, we can’t give up for them to paint the very bad pictures they are wishing to do. Let’s remain calm and allow systems and the authorised agencies to work. 
Africa is proud of You Kenya, we are happy for the laurels and peace chalked after the elections. 

Congrats Kenya, Congrats Uhuru Kenyatta, President Elect, congrats Raila Odinga for the good and healthy competition. God bless Africa. 
Kenya why?… 
Akwasi Boakye


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