Waiting For Joy Episode 13


Uchenna woke up to the sound of his mother in law waking up his children for school. He looked at his wrist watch on the table close to the bed, and jumped up. He had to hurry if he wanted to make good sales today. He said his prayers and did his devotion, he couldn’t miss it, it was his back bone. He washed his face and teeth, and hurried out of the house with his utensils. He had taken over the business from his wife who was still in the hospital. 

There had been another operation after the first, and the doctor said there might be more. The bills were piling up and he had no where to turn to. The robbers had succeeded in transferring all the money by the time the weekend was over. The police seemed to be both confused and unserious, Uchenna didn’t want to get worked up over spilled milk. He’d rather turn to God, which was what he did. He had promised himself to stick with God who was obviously the only constant “thing” in his life. 

While asking God what he was to do about raising the money for the hospital bills, he heard two Bible passages resound in his mind. They were so clear, he looked back to see if anyone had spoken to him. What is that in thine hand? Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all thy might… Using his Bible concordance, he searched for the Bible passages, and found them in Exodus 4:2 and Ecclesiastes 9:10 respectively. 

After studying them, he decided he was going to continue with what his wife had been doing, selling akara. The first week had been so hard and discouraging, and quitting had seemed the only option, until the next morning his devotional had talked about God giving strength to make wealth. He knew it was no coincidence and he had asked his mother in law to teach him how to make akara better. By the end of the next week, Uchenna had started saving for the hospital bills. He hurriedly grounded the beans, and started his work. Before long, people formed a queue, waiting for his akara. It was stressful and sometimes Uchenna got self conscious, after all he was a man, and with his qualifications, he should be doing something better. But whenever he remembered that his wife had done the same thing to save him from shame, it seemed like a small thing to do to save her life. Instead of dwelling on where he should be, he made a good use of where he was, implementing ways to improve the business. 

By twelve noon, he cleaned up and hurried over to the hospital to see his wife. He had told her about the new job he got, making her smile, though he could see the sadness in her eyes. 

‘How are you today?’ He asked as he sat down by the bed side. She was obviously getting better. He missed her by his side at home, she was truly his best friend.

 ‘I’m a lot better. How are you?’ Rita looked at her husband and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. She could only thank God. The husband she knew would never stoop so low to fry akara, and on the road too. But he had done it to save her life, she knew. Though he had said it was to gather money for a business. 

“God avenge my case on those robbers. You alone know how to deal with them. Please do.” She prayed wordlessly. She was brought back from her train of thought by Uchenna’s response. 

‘I’m fine, just that I get really tired at times, and I miss you.’ He said winking. 

“This hardship seem to be making my husband a better man.” Rita thought, surprised at her husband’s playfulness despite the challenges he faced. Usually, when things are tough, he became sullen and withdrawn. 

“Must be God working a miracle” she concluded. God was slowly but surely giving her her heart desires through challenges. She winked back at him, making him laugh out. They spent some more hours together till he had to go prepare for the night market. She hugged him tightly, and whispered

 ‘I will be praying for you, and I am proud of you.’ 

Uchenna left the hospital a more confident man, with his head held high. His wife who was proud of him, is praying for him. All will be well. He hurried to beat the traffic.

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