Unlimited Episode 3


She wore a blue-black shirt suit with a black shoe and black bag to match. She had her usual good day at work that Tuesday, but towards the end of the day she suddenly began to feel unwell. She managed and drove home herself though one of the office drivers insisted on driving her home, but Afia being a strong person refused, she just does not like bothering people. Tried hard she could she could not get up early the next morning for work. Her colleagues called her and advised she went to the hospital. So she ended up at the hospital. She had a female doctor who was more of a mother to her so she went to her clinic though far from her area.
“You are welcome Madam!Its been a while, what is up with you today?You really don”t look well. Please have a sit while i take out your file”. Afia was well received at the hospital as the nurses and attendants were all her friends (they just liked Afia for her humbleness and were always nice to her whenever she came around). She joined the queue and went through all the necessary checks and was now ready to see the Doctor when it was her turn. The time came, she entered the Doctors room and sat in-front of her. After attending to her, the doctor recommended some tests to be run on her, so she had to go to the lap. Lap results was out and she went back to the doctor and BAMM.
The Doctor started laughing, she was really happy to Afia’s surprise. You know they had been like a mother and daughter and Afia confided in her a lot so she knew so much about Afia and being her Doctor as well. Afia! said the Doctor
 “congratulations”, you have scored the goal. Afia was taken aback. She was totally lost for words, she did not know what the Doctor was insinuating and just sat there watching her without even her usual smile. 
The doctor then asked her if she had eaten that morning and Afia said no, she was not that of the breakfast type, something her doctor always warned her about. So doctor personally got up and prepared a cup of tea for her and also prepared one for herself and as they were chatting and sipping the tea, doctor told Afia that she was pregnant. Afia was now clear with what was happening and was suddenly surprised but very happy. Afia had never in her life missed her period (of course she was a very good girl and never messed around with guys)though at such an age. Now doctor had to queeze her to know who was responsible. Afia split out the bean and doctor advised she kept it, Afia was not going to do anything to destroy it anyway, finding herself pregnant the very first time in her life.
The doctor said she was suspecting twins so Afia had to do further tests which result would not be ready that very day. Afia left the hospital and drove to the office instead of the house as directed by doctor.She stopped over at a restaurant for lunch since the day was fast spent and as doctor insisted she ate something good as soon as she left the clinic. 
Back at work the Director insisted she went home to rest but strong Afia would not because she had to prepare for a board meeting she was organizing a few days ahead and needed to do some follow-ups. Well everyone knew how passionate Afia was about her work so she stayed on to work. She kept telling herself she was not sick,  pregnancy is not sickness. She refused to allow the pregnancy to make her look like a sick person. She decided not to tell anyone so kept it all to herself and moved about her duties normally.
Kwame on the other side kept calling and calling to know where his Afia was and why she had to go to work when she was not feeling well.The day came to an end and Afia had to close.She was not sure if she should break the news to Kwame immediately. Despite her joy, she was confused on how to break the news to him and what his reaction would be. She never entertained any fears though because she was so sure he loved her and they would soon get married. She got home safely and the evening was normal for them all.Then when they were retiring to bed, Afia broke the news. 
“Why should you Afia? Why should you? What will people say? We are not yet married and you are pregnant. Go and terminate that Baby” Kwame was furious and not happy about the pregnancy, his reason being that they were not yet married so the pregnancy should be terminated. Oh what a blow to Afia!. 
“Look, there is no way i will terminate this pregnancy ok. We better forget about this whole drama called marriage and let me take care of myself. Strong Afia stood her grounds. After-all she had a good job and was responsible. She would not be the first single mother. She kept regretting for giving out her house else she would have moved out. Now she had tied herself down. What would she do? Afia started thinking of the way out but never to abort her baby.
You see, Life is a beautiful journey despite its ups and downs, but until we begin to see that life is far shorter than we think by beginning to live each day to the fullest, we will never see the hidden beauty and fulfillment that God has attached to life. Whatever you want to do or want to be, please start being that now and today because the tomorrow you are waiting for may never come to you. Catch the trade winds in your sails now and explore, dream, discover them so that should the tomorrow you are waiting for reaches you, and you have chased the things that you want in life without achieving the results you really wanted, you will not be much disappointed. You will rather be more disappointed by those things that you did not do and left them for tomorrow. Just look at the length of life with all the cynicism you can by doing much for yourself, your family and friends today than you think you can do tomorrow. As you wake up each blessed day, remember that is all you have, the tomorrow we worry about may never come so why leave all your important eggs to be cracked tomorrow? Even if you decide to live life to the  fullest each day or not, the fact remains and cannot be taken away that life is far shorter than you think. So live it now or leave it.

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Afia decided to ignore any negative comments about the pregnancy by Kwame and moved about her work and all. Ever since they moved in together, Kwame’s real nagging and domineering coupled with male chauvinism  attitude started showing its ugly head. He would nag and nag at any little issue to the surprise of Afia. He started showing signs of one who felt he was the best person in the world and better than everyone else. He was also exhibiting the bully attitude.These were the red flags Afia should have noticed. He would monitor every movement of Afia making her think it was love. To her,he loved her so much and so always checking on her safety wherever she went without him.
After a while, Kwame came around and pleaded with Afia they sped up the marriage preparations before her belly protruded.They had even started counselling earlier on, but guess what? The counselling session ended within just a few weeks prior to the set time to complete. Ask me why? Kwame happened to be master known all. He seamed to know every thing even before the counselor could talk. So counselor did not see the need to waste their time. Kwame made the counselor felt the marriage was going to be the very best and he kept praising them because Kwame knew everything. 
“Father these couple to be are ready for marriage so i confirm the wedding should come on” Such were the words of the counselor to the Priest.
Afia worked hard to cover up for Kwame as she bore the greater part of financing for the marriage ceremony (traditional and western).It was a beautiful but simple afternoon wedding that faithful Saturday. Afia and kwame were now husband and wife. The realities of marriage life begun. Right from the day of the wedding Afia started regretting. She started asking herself if she had made a mistake or not?
 Kwame immediately started serious control of Afia’s life. In no time Afia became a door mat. She had no say in decision making,she had no right to go out without being checked and questioned to be sure it was worth her going to wherever she had to go, Even if Afia had to go to the market she had to be timed and monitored. She must come back and render accounts even if she took care of the expenditure.(It was Afia who was taking care of the home then as Kwame was not working). 
Just as a happy and harmonizing family life can be a good support in almost all aspects of life, a sour relationship can be painful………..

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