Happiness doesn’t come with a price tag. The meaning of happiness could differ from person to person. What you consider as happiness may not be regarded as a source of happiness for someone else.
But, the universal truth that nobody can deny is that there is nothing that can be compared with your happiness or your personal peace of mind. Sometimes, we are afraid to make changes in our life, instead we sacrifice our happiness for that and then complain how unhappy we are.
What we don’t realize is that we are the ones who are responsible to bring happiness in our life. Always remember God doesn’t want us to suffer. He gave us this beautiful gift of life to be happy and do what we are here to accomplish.
Always make sure that your intention is true and only aspire to do good things in life. Be brave and make the changes that you need to in you life. Suffering is not acceptable for anyone.
Have faith in yourself and always ask for help when you need it.
Stay happy and stay blessed.
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