The Lamentations Of An Army Wife…!!!


Army wives arise and be counted, let’s rise for our husbands. For today it’s another’s husband but tomorrow it could be my dear husband or yours and as well the Father of our kids.

They leave us with the kids and say am coming home soon. Sometimes they tell you about their missions and sometimes they tell you it’s no need to know basis.
You have no choice than to deal with the stubbornness of the kids in their absence.
We make and keep their home but they are always out there on the national call to duty. To protect  the citizenry as by their codes established. But who will protect the kids of this fallen hero now that he is gone.
I weep my heart out for my dear sister and wife whose world today is all grief and sorrow. I can imagine the pains of a mother, who will have her kids grow to ask for the whereabouts of their Father.
Army wives arise and be counted. Ask questions and let’s seek answers. Yes they have sworn to defend this country even at the peril of their lives but it was not to mean being mobbed and treated like a criminal. 

They are our heroes and in fact my hero. He sacrifices his time to be with the kids and myself for work as he suffers the chills of the night to work for God and country. 
Some even come home with sicknesses and some difficulties or physical damages and yet without the bests of compensations we take home our bundles of joy, nursing and treating them as deserved.
In the wilderness is the cry of an Army wife and mother. The wailing of a family and the telepathic breakdown of very beautiful children. No this is not what we bargained for.
Will the messages of consolation be enough? Or the visits by his colleagues and friends. How much money would be enough to bring back our husband and our Father, our brother  and our Uncle. In fact from where cometh our breadwinner. 
Army wives arise and be counted for “a son of a gun’ has been gunned down and those cannons and barrels must not stay mute.
My thoughts with you my sister and dear Army wife. I may not know you but in this fraternity our husbands have each others back. So I got yours also. We shall thank God and pray for his consolation.
It is well.
Rest in perfect peace our husband us we fight for your justice.


Crédit Captain Amereca

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