The Abandoned Child Episode 27


When it was dancing time by the couple, the occupants of each canopy took turns in dancing with us and spraying us money. My father repeatedly warned our Village women not to come to the dancing floor to help us pick money. He physically chased them away with threats, but some of them whose face he could not recognize sneaked in and stole enough money. Aunty Esther, Akin, Tunde and Gbadebo packed up eight full ‘Ghana must go’ bags of money.

It was Baba that gave the vote of thanks for me. He talked for almost one hour until people were getting bored with his speech. It was Auntie Esther that went and collected the Microphone from him and called me up to say a word or two. I simply went and thanked the crowd and wished them journey mercies back home.

Daddy told me not to take a dime from the money that we realized from the wedding, he told me they belonged to Yemisi my wife. I did not have a problem with that, so I told her mother to take all the bags home and pay the money into Yemisi’s account.

Almost all the beer drinkers that attended the wedding were drunk. The Police Band at one time lost focus and started playing a dirge at my wedding, I guess they were used to attending burials. My dad screamed with rage and warned them to stop the music and put them selves together, he insisted on them changing the led vocalist as he was obviously drunk, how could he be singing song made for the dead at my wedding ceremony? They apologized and changed the man.

I was very happy when I saw my old secondary school friend and class mate at my wedding. Hakeem came with his fiancée all the way from Eket where he works with Mobil oil. He had grown tall and huge and looking very handsome. I used to protect him from bullies way back.

At 6.00PM, it was getting dark and we left the venue for the hotel, Akin drove us in the brand new Toyota Prado Auntie Debora’s husband gave us for the wedding. He did not collect the Car again, it was our wedding gift. All my sisters paid varying amount s of money into my bank account as wedding gifts. All the gifts we received for the wedding were taken to Uncle Adogoke’s house pending when we would need them. We got two Motorola mobile phones from Tunde’s mother who flew down from London for our wedding. I did not have a house to keep all the wrapped and unwrapped gifts or so I had thought.

We slept off immediately we entered our room at the Premier Hotel Ibadan. We were exhausted from the dance.

The first move we made was to rent and furnish a three bedroom flat at Ife, a bungalow house with a gate and other necessities like light and water, I bought two male Alsatian puppies and I recruited an Igala man as security guard, he lived in the security house by the gate. We also enrolled at a driving school and in two weeks we were driving around Ife. Gbadebo gained admission to study Law at the University of Ife; he was to live in our house with Tunde who was admitted into the university staff college for his secondary education.

The next two years happened so fast with a lot of activities, I was so overwhelmed with my new family especially Baba. Let me try and highlight on the major happenings within teriod.

Baba ensured I went to court to obtain affidavit for change of name as well as getting it published in the Guardian newspaper, he bought several copies of the newspaper when it was published and gave to the people that mattered in the Village and in his life. He highlighted the paragraph that announced my change of name to Mobolaji Fapohunda before giving the papers to those that mattered.

I was always traveling to and from Jaji and Ife because of my wife. My place of assignment was a school and so whenever the school is on break, I am also free. I was always with my wife who was in school. I ensured all house chores are done and the likes of Obiora are kept at bay.

Another thing I did during that period was a tour of my sister’s houses except for Tunde’s mother that was based in the UK with her husband and three other kids

I visited Auntie Esther on my way from Kaduna; I stopped at Asokoro in Abuja and spent two days with her family. The husband made my stay enjoyable by taking me out to cool joints to drink and feed my eyes. The Guy is a chronic womanizer, even in my presence; he was flirting with the waitresses at the joints we visited. I was not surprised when he introduced a girl to me and advised that I enter the chalet of the hotel where we were drinking for a ‘short time’ rendezvous with the girl. I declined. I know his type. He will be the one to go home and tell my sister that I had a short time with a call girl and I will not be there to defend myself. After spending two nights with them, I understood why the man flirts. My sister is one heck of a company, she nags endlessly.

I left for ilela in Sokoto to visit Auntie Sumbo, Baba’s third daughter whose husband happened to be a custom officer, he was away on duty at the border between Nigeria and Niger republic, The husband is from Kano state and theirs is a Muslim family. I could not drink beer here, in fact I planned to spend at least two days here but the atmosphere was too holy for me. My sister covered her body totally except for her face, even the way the husbands relation were staring at me as if I was one randy fellow in their midst. I was the only different person there by my dressing and disposition. My nieces could not play with me freely unlike Auntie Esther’s Children. I received an emergency call in the presence of Auntie Sumbo and I told the caller that I would be around the next day.

I am needed back at Jaji tomorrow morning I lied to her

Haba mana! This your work sef! They can’t even allow you to drop your bag before calling you back? She was disappointed.

Don’t worry ma, I will be back as soon as possible.

I traveled to Lagos to visit AUNTIE Deborah and her family at Lekki Plase 1. I have heard so much about Lagos that I was disappointed by what I saw when I got there. Lagos had been over hyped by every Lagosian I have met in my life that I was expecting to see a city made of marble, a city where people mind their own businesses and a city liken to the streets of Paris that I see on movies. I was greeted by the display of madness by warring factions of motor park touts at Ojota Motor Park. I saw men wielding machetes with blood stained bodies chasing each other, I saw another holding his amputated arm in the other hand while running away from an assailant, I saw a man chanting incantations and urging the other to cut him very well, the other was actually cutting but the machete did not inflict any injury on the voodoo man, the voodoo man pulled out an object from the pouch around his neck and touched the head of the man cutting him , then he walked briskly away while the cutter went on all fours running and barking like a dog.

 People in the night bus that I entered were shouting that only the urine of an old woman administered directly from the source into the man’s mouth can restore him, while this was going on outside, we were locked up in our bus waiting for the intervention of the Army. The Police had been there for hours but they kept a safe distance as they too awaited the back-up from ikeja military cantonment. 

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Meanwhile a lot of drama was going on in the bus I was locked in. An early morning preacher had entered our bus at Ojota to preach and at the same time a drug peddler was waiting to advertise his products to us. The peddler ran out of patience when the sermon of the preacher was taking too long. He went and told the preacher to wrap up and allow him advertise his product too. A squabbled ensued and the two of them were pushed out of the bus only for another preacher to start another session of praise and worship. That was how Lagos welcomed me. We left Ojota at 1:00PM when the Army arrived and chased the miscreant away and removed the barricades on the road.

To Be Continued…

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