The Abandoned Child Episode 25


My new dad thanked Uncle Adegoke for his efforts in my life; he went into one of the Cars and came back with an envelope.

Please take this as a token of my appreciation. I understand you are into Agriculture, this is the document of my land at Old Ife road, and it is a five hectare parcel of land. Take, it is yours.

Ha! No sir! I can’t take it sir! Please I can’t! Uncle Goke refused

Look! Adegoke! I have forty hectares of land in different parts of Ibadan alone! Common take this thing from me joor!

Uncle Goke collected the envelope and prostrated in gratitude.

In the evening, the men sat outside under the Car park to discuss and drink while the women were indoors preparing dinner. Around 7.30PM there was a knock at the pedestrian gate, Gbadebo rushed to attend to the gate. It was Yemisi who had just returned from school. Gbadebo jumped on her and ushered her into the compound carrying Yemisi traveling bag on his head. She came into the compound and was shocked to see cars and strange men seated with her father. She knelt down and greeted every one before coming to hug her father. Our eyes locked and we smiled at each other before she proceeded to the house.

Is that your daughter? My father asked Uncle Goke.

Yes sir! My first daughter! He replied

Is that the girl you told me about? Dad directed the question at me but I pretended not to hear him

Mobolaji! He called.

Sir! Sir! I replied feigning surprise

Is that Goke’s daughter you told me about? Is she the one that is studying medicine in the university? He asked

Yes? She is studying medicine at the university, Mr. Goke offered, and what did Bolaji tell you about her?

They are in love! He wishes to marry her if you would allow him! My father said.

Jesu Christi o! I shouted as I got up and ran out of their presence. I opened the pedestrian gate and ran to the nearest beer parlour. This man had killed me!

I was at the beer parlour consuming my third bottle of Gulder at 8.00PM when Akin and Yemisi came to meet me there

Ol boy! You no go come house? Akin asked

Guy! Which kinda man be this my Papa nah? Who send am message? I beg na wetin happen back there? I asked. My love, are you okay? Hope you were not embarrassed in any way? I asked.

Everything is okay! She said. They called me out and asked if what your father said was the truth!

Jesu Christi o! And what did you say? I asked

She was confused at first when they introduced Baba to her as your father, Akin offered; she was just looking at her dad and Baba until I explained to her that you just discovered your father recently and he has come to show gratitude to her family for their role in your life. But BJ, I like this your Babe o! she did not give them an answer, she insisted on speaking with you first until her father asked her if you guys are in a relationship and she said yes.

Then what happened? I asked

Your father jumped up and started to sing and dance! Akin said

My God! Come here my love! I pulled Yemisi closer and apologized for my fathers behavior. I paid the bills of my drink and we walked out of the Bar.

I am sorry for the embarrassment my love, please I am very sorry! I was not prepared for this at all that was why I ran, I did not know how your dad would react. I should have known that old man had some tricks up his sleeves when he insisted we came to Ibadan with other family members! He had it all planned out! I tried to explain.

It is okay! She said; I was equally shocked because you would have informed me some how before bringing your family to meet mine for marriage talk.

No! No! Far from it! I said, it was supposed to be an appreciation visit! After I narrated the role your father played in my life to my new-found dad, he insisted he must see them! Of course I told him about you too, I said you were still in school but I will wait until you graduate. He said delay was dangerous! He said we can get married while you are still in school, I told him we would need to discuss it and agree together, I mean you and I. that was all we discussed about you and I until he came and embarrassed me. In fact my love, a lot has happened in my life since the last time we saw, it’s been about a year now abi?

Yes! There about. She concurred

My love, I would have been dead! In fact I died and resurrected! A lot happened! Quite a lot! I even ventured into the Army! I would have come to visit you at school in military regalia as a lieutenant!

Ha! For real? What happened? She asked as we approached their gate.

Yes dear! But it was not to be! I could not withstand the vigorous training at NDA. I said.

Oh! Why nah? She asked.

I was broken into pieces by some disgruntled Police men. The men that killed me! My dear, it’s a long story joor! But I will tell you all of it tonight.

We entered the compound through the pedestrian gate only to see my father dancing to the music of Orlando Owo while telling them of his escapades as a police officer. Every one was outside listening to him.

I wanted to sneak into the house through the side of a car parked close to the front door when Yemisi’s mother called out.

Our inlaw! Run away in-law! Come here o!

Jesu Christi o! I exclaimed. I wanted to turn and flee again but Akin held me back laughing.

Iro ni o! It’s a lie! You are not running away again! He said as he grabbed me by my belt.

Yemisi’s mother got up and danced towards me.

Oko mi! My husband! Don’t worry! Don’t be embarrassed! It is all settled! Your father is a very wonderful man, he had it all planned out without telling you, but we have discussed in detail now.

What did you people discuss please? I asked.

Everything about you and my daughter’s marriage! She said.

What of your husband? How did he react? I asked.

Will he marry his daughter? She asked. Meanwhile I had told him to expect such move from you in no distant future. My daughter does not keep any secret from me so I know of your relationship from the day you had your eyes on her when you saw how matured she had grown! Remember that last time you visited?

Mummy I remember o! Phew! Jesu o seun o! I exclaimed.

She laughed heartily and pulled me to her husband who got up and hugged me passionately.

We need to talk sir! I told him. I need to give you an update of what has happened to me since we last saw each other.

So while my dad was busy telling the people about February 3rd, I followed Uncle Goke into the sitting room, I beckoned at my love to follow me. We sat down around the centre table and I told them everything that I had been through in the past twelve months. The high point was when I pulled off my clothes and showed them my body. Those outside ran into the house when they heard the screams from Uncle Goke and Yemisi.

Yemisi however went through the scars and promised that she would help me get some ointment that would clear the scars appreciable. That’s my Doctor speaking! I said while the whole house laughed. She was twenty years old and just finished her three hundred levels.

I traveled back to Owerri mid January to collect my call up letter; I was posted to Kaduna state. There was no time to tell family back at home about my posting immediately so I wrote a letter to my dad and my prospective father in-law.

I was at the naval base with Commodore Aboderin, he congratulated me for achieving yet another mile stone in my life. He told me not to be bothered about my posting to the north as he has a lot of friends in Kaduna. I could also easily hook up with my mates at NDA who are now serving officers too.

Amara was all over me when I came for my call up letter. I went to the Executive Gardens to greet my former colleagues. There were mixed feelings when I got there, Emeka my fellow Bar man was ashamed at the way he had treated me before my arrest, The receptionist Chinwe, who refused to give me the keys to my room was remorseful too. I did not come to condemn them but to make peace as I was leaving the east for good. I hugged them individually and made peace by buying drinks for all the staff present at the hotel as if I was celebrating my birth day. Amara was so happy that I was getting suspicious. I had left Owerri the last time for Kaduna without even telling her and she had forgiven me so easily when we bumped into each other at school now that I came for my call up letter. No woman does that!

I anchored the wheel of steel at the DJ stand that night and thrilled the customers, I knew all the selections that Slam played so I played them in the sequence of DJ Slam. It was like bringing back the old nights. I introduced my session with the intro of DJ Slam. The Customers sprayed me money as they danced to my rendition. Even Amara that I had never seen dance before was dancing happily and drinking too.

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At 2.00AM I retired into a VIP room upstairs with Amara. Amara had changed somehow as she was the first to come on me immediately we closed the door. She tore up her clothes and came at me like a S£x starved woman. I thought of Yemisi and my conscience pricked me. I was about to do something bad.

Which kind something bad? That voice again? DJ Slam!

I shook my head vigorously to clear off any alcoholic inhibition to my reasoning.

She was completely Unclad before me; she sought for my mouth and dug her tongue into my mouth seeking.

I was trying to get hold of my self and bid for time. My body is sticky! I said. I needed to use the shower.

Then let’s go into the shower! She said, pushing me towards the bath room.

She helped me to pull off my shirt and my pants.

The problem was that even though my spirit was not willing, my flesh betrayed me. The erection I had been massive that it was a little difficult pulling down my boxers. Amara exclaimed when the third leg came out free from the boxers.

Omo Yoruba! She exclaimed. No wonder all those girls were dying for you! She said as she held the third leg with both hands. I betrayed Yemisi, I tried to give Amara some excuses but they all sounded stupid to my own hearing. Not with my third leg in her caring hands. She guided me into her from the rear. Wire am biko! After all you never marry Yemisi yet ! The voice said. Old boy na true o! I replied as I rammed into Amara like a bull. She screamed out and quickly covered her mouth with her hand grunting hard as I pumped hard under the waters of the shower.

To be continued 

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