The Abandoned Child Episode 20


Akwai kunu? Adamu asked the woman

Akwai sir! She replied

Akwai sanyi? Adamu asked

Akwai sanyi sosai! She replied

To! Bani insha! Adamu said.

She gave him a cup and a chilled bottle of kunu

Oga, you sabi this one? Adamu asked me as he pulled off his beret and clipped it on the shoulder of his uniform.

No! I replied.

It is made from dawa! He said.

Dawa? Na wetin be dat one? I asked

Wheat! It is like pap but made from wheat and it is watery unlike pap. The thing good well well and he dey give blood for body! He said.

What? He dey give blood? I asked; no be wheat you say dem take make am? I asked.

Yes nah! He replied.

Okay o! I said. Is it alcoholic? He dey shack? I asked

Haba! No o! kunu no dey shack person! Na the senior brother pito dey shack! That one na gero dem dey take do am! He said

Wetin be gero? I asked

Kai! I no know the English name faa! But na gero every body dey call am. He was referring to millet.

Walahi if you drink pito ehn? You no go drink beer again! Adamu continued as he brought out a pack of Rothmans and lit a stick.

You mean am? I asked

Walahi! He replied. Just as Oga Dan started to shout.

Chioma o! chioma o! ogini ka m mere gi n’uwa!? Kedu ka isi tiyem n’ime udi nsogbu a! chioma what did I do to you that you would put me in such a situation as this! Chai! I am suffering o! These bags are too heavy o!

Oga Dan was restless; he was shifting the weight of the bags from one shoulder to the other.

Chioma was doing the same but she was not shouting like Oga Dan. The two were sweating profusely and the dogs were getting more agitated.

They are lazy people! Adamu said as he puffed out smoke from his burnt lips. They won’t last! He said.

How long do you think they will last? I asked

I don’t know, but they will be there until they break down! He said

Break down? I asked; how will we know they have broken down? I asked

We will all know! Even the dogs will know! He replied.

Ha! Okay! But how long can a normal human being last with the VIP treatment? I asked

Three hours maximum! He said

Hmm, so you mean you can endure this treatment for three hours? I asked

I was able to do eighteen hours in the depot! He said. It was competition for us. He said; the person that won the competition endured it for 48 hours without sleep, but that record has been broken by another set where some one did it for 72 hours! Three days!

But you said it was three hours maximum for normal human being? I asked.

Yes! Three hours max! He said puffing out smoke into the air above his head. He tossed the butt away and lit another stick.

Oga Dan, Chioma and the dogs were all shouting.

It was over one hour that we had sat under the tree that Oga Dan suddenly changed the tune of the music.

I want to Shtt o! I want to Shtt! A choro m iyu nshi biko nu o! He held onto his buttocks as he jumped about in the circle.

How will he Shtt now? I asked.

Shtt for there! Dan bura uba nka! Adamu shouted back at him laughing hysterically; it took me fifteen hours before I Shtt on myself that day! Adamu said. Everyone must Shtt under the VIP treatment! He said as he enjoyed his kunu and cigarette.

Walahi this your Oga Dan na lazy man fa! Even the girl strong pass am I swear!

We did not know that Chioma had already excreted in her pants without making any noise about it. She was just crying and stamping her feet on the ground. She was holding her waist and writhing in agony of pain and discomfort.

My waist o! My shoulder! My waist o! Can I sit down please? She was begging and crying.

Oga Dan too started begging to sit down after he had emptied his bowels on his body. The pebbles fell off his boxers while his urine combined with his sweat soaked his boxers. He was shaking all over like some one with cold.

Biko o! ukwu m o! My waist o! My shoulder o! My belle o! Biko gbahara m o! ndi navy gbahara o! It is the devil o! Oga Dan lamented.

The Korofo marshal came around for inspection after two hours.

Listen! He said as they and the dog continued to shout; I am going to untie the dogs now! If you leave your circle, you will be eaten alive!

Why? Why? Oga dan shouted; biko don’t lose these lions o! they will chop us o! we have not broken the rules nah!

The marshal loosened the dogs.

Chai! O kam si na? O otua kam si na? Oga Dan kept shouting. O bu Nkita g’ata gbu om? Is this how I will go? To be eaten alive by dogs?

But the dogs did not bite; rather they put more fear into them by sniffing them up.

Chioma closed her eyes and was screaming for her mothers help. Oga Dan made the sign of the cross and started singing a gospel song in tears.

Adamu was just laughing uncontrollably, clutching at his stomach. I was scared of what the dogs could do to them. The Marshal marched away.

At two hours thirty minutes Oga Dan fell down flat with a loud noise and he lay still. One of the dogs sniffed his face and walked briskly to meet the Marshal who was already on his way with a bucket of water to pour on Oga Dan.

That one has broken down! Adamu said; if the marshal had not shown up, the dog would have gone to call him, he said.

Wow! I exclaimed.

At two hours fifty minutes, Chioma collapsed; the dog sniffed her face and barked at the marshal who was on standby with a bucket of water after carrying Oga Dan indoors.

Now they are ready for their statements! Adamu told me as he stood up and slapped his back side clean. I stood up too as Adamu paid the kunu seller and we went home.

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The reason for my death was the most stupid one! Out of her quest to get even with me and her friends when the news of our relationship got to her, she had gone to join the “Black Brazier” the most dreaded female confraternity on Campus. Her plan was to deal with me, katty and messy, but DJ Slam was the obstacle as he would definitely know where the attack is from. The former boy friend of Chioma, Major was given the job to eliminate DJ Slam but DJ Slam has friends everywhere so the plan leaked to him and he quickly organized his men and they took out Major and his number two-man “Lusaka”.

With Major and Lusaka out of the way, the Black braziers knew they were in trouble so they used their police connection to kill DJ Slam at an illegal Police checking point, he was slaughtered and his body was dumped at the gate of the hotel in the dead of the night while his head was thrown into the bush, the idea was to make it look like a rival cult murder, after all two known cultists were just murdered. Chioma sent emissaries from Nekede Polytechnic to round up Tessy and Katty, they were beating and bathed with acid. They have left school for good.

The hotel was shut down for some days after the body of Slam was discovered so as to allow the Police to investigate into the matter but Chioma went to the hotel and black mailed me. She told Oga Dan that whenever I am seen he should call her first and try to hold me down until the Police arrived.

The corrupt police men at Owerri were arrested and charged to court with Chioma and Oga Dan including some members of the Black brazier confraternity.

To be continue on Monday 
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