The Abandoned Child Episode 19


Contrary to my expectations, the navy did not torture Chioma and Oga Dan in order to get their confectionary statements. They were given the VIP treatment.

When we returned to Owerrinta base, we went to the commandant’s office and gave him the update of our journey. He joined us in his official car and together we drove to the naval police unit.

Commodore Aboderin went into the office of the Naval Police CO while his orderly took Chioma and Oga Dan to the guard room section and handed them over to the petty officer on duty. I was later called in by an SO and was given a note pad to write my statement.

After writing my statement and submitting the note pad to the SO, Oga Dan requested for the note pad so he could write his statement too.

Not now! You are not ready yet! The petty officer said to him.

Me? No o! I am very ready sir! Oga Dan said.

No sir! The PO said, when you are ready you will know.

The CO NP( Commanding officer naval police) and commodore Aboderin met us at the counter of the guard room, the ratings in the Office came to attention and saluted the presence of the personnel that walked in. the Commodore acknowledged the salute.

You are Mr. Daniel kwo? The CO NP asked Oga Dan

Yes sir! I am Daniel Maduabuchi sir!

Kai! You are the man sucking Bosom in your office kwo? Shege! Dan banza! See ya mouth! The CO said and started to laugh as Oga Dan bowed in shame.

And you are the Chioma kwo? He asked Chioma

Yes sir! Chioma nodded her head. Good afternoon sir! She said

Yoowa! Em, PO! Please give them the VIP treatment first! You know they are civilians, this one is an Oga in the hotel and this one is a girl, don’t torture them o! Just start with the VIP treatment! The CO said. If they don’t cooperate, then you can torture them.

Yes sir! The petty officer saluted and called on the SO.

Oya get the korofo marshal and his tool box!

Yes sir! The SO who is a corporal equivalent answered and scurried out of the office.

Thank you very much sir! God bless you sir! Oga Dan said after the senior officers as they walked out of the guard room section.

Bolaji! You guys can go home from here! I am going back to the training school! The Commodore stopped and told us; and by the way, I hope you got all your belongings from the hotel?

Oga! This stupid man here! Pointing at Oga Dan. Don share all Oga Bolaji property finish walahi! He say he think say Oga Bolaji don yamutu! Even the clothe wey he wear when we enter him office na Oga Bolaji own! The Orderly said.

Hmm, life! Commodore Aboderin shrugged and went to his Car.

Wetin be VIP treatment? I asked the Orderly; and by the way sef! Wetin be your name? Me and you don dey waka together since yesterday and I no know your name! I said

Oga Bolaji, dem no dey ask Soja man for him name o! My name dey my name tag! He replied.

Oh sorry! Na true you talk o! And I dey with you since yet my mind no go there! I said and saw that his name was Adamu Shuaibu.

Okay Adamu, wetin be VIP treatment? I asked

It means “very important personality” Adamu replied.

I know nah! But how is it like? I asked

You want to know? He asked

Yes! I want to know! I replied

Okay! Make we go outside go wait and see. He said.

After about fifteen minutes, the soldiers brought Chioma and Oga Dan outside to the mini-parade ground in front of the NP building. Chioma and Oga Dan had been kitted with military porch bags strapped over their shoulders, helmets on their heads and boots on their feet; they also gave them condemned riffles to carry. Oga Dan looked funny because he wore these regalia on his boxers.

They were told to stand apart, they looked confused and terrified. After minutes of standing outside, the korofo marshal, a giant creature came along dragging two ferocious looking Rottweiler’s. Immediately the dogs saw Dan and Chioma, they charged and started to bark and prance towards them. The dogs knew the drill.

Oga dan and Chioma wanted to run, but to where? They ran into each other and started to scream out loud. The marshal chained the dogs to a pole on the floor close to where Chioma and Oga Dan were told to stand.

Now listen to me! The Soldier said; I am the Korofo marshal! I am LS Slaughter or sergeant Slaughter if you like! This is my small parade and I hate people who do not follow my instructions! He used the big swagger stick in his hands and drew a circle on the sandy ground.

Oga! Enter here! He told Oga Dan

He drew another circle on the floor

Oya Auntie! You enter here!

They both entered the circle while adjusting the bags strapped over their shoulders.

Something dey inside that bag? I asked Adamu

Yes! Na wet sand and stones full am!

Jesu Christi o! I exclaimed

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Now listen to the instructions of this parade! The marshal continued

Number one! Thou shall not leave the circle under any circumstances! Anything you want to do, either to Shtt or to piss, to laugh or to cry, never leave the circle!

Number two! Thou shall not drop your armament! No matter the condition, rain or shine!

Number three! Thou shall not sit down!

If any of these rules is broken, there shall be consequences! He said and looked at his wrist watch, then he turned around to leave.

Sir! Oga Dan called

The marshal turned swiftly back and stood at ease to face Oga Dan; yes? He asked.

Biko, please! Oga dan said softly almost in tears; what is the consequence sir?

The dogs will tell you! The marshal said and turned abruptly to march out of their presence and at that instance, the two dogs started to bark and jump towards Oga Dan and Chioma.

Chineke me e! Oga Dan screamed

Awun’a na m o! Nkita a ta gbuo m na barracks ndi navy o! chaii! Ewu ata go m atu n’isi o!

Chioma too was crying and calling for help

Bolaji please forgive me o! I am sorry for everything! Eewoo! Mama m o! Please o!

Oga Bolaji, I beg me I want to smoke cigarette o! you dey smoke? Adamu asked

No, I no dey smoke, I replied

Oya make we go sidon for under that mango tree there! He said

We moved towards the Mango tree close to the office from where we could watch the VIPs. There was a wooden bench there and a woman with a cooler on a small table in front of her. We greeted the woman and sat down.

To Be Continued…

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