The Abandoned Child Episode 18


Chioma, Katherine and Theresa? Even the Amara that is dying for you!” he said

Ha! Jesu Christi o! You people have exposed me o!

We think Chioma set you up! Her boy friend or do I say former boy friend was killed along with your friend DJ Slam. It is complicated sha! But we are still working on certain links and the less you know the better. I am offering to help you as an act of service to God and man! If a foreigner could help to save your life as a black man, then I should do more for you as a black brother and fellow Yoruba.

I will assign one of my boys to follow you to the hospital for check up, then he will drive you to Owerri, he will be with you until you go to NDA next month.

I prostrated again: ese pupo sir! Thank you so much sir!


The hotel was quiet when we got there at 10 AM, I had been wearing the same clothes for over a week, and I don’t even know who bought the dress for me. I needed access to my clothes. The Orderly assigned to me parked the Toyota Avensis 2.2 at the parking lot and together we went upstairs to Oga Dan’s office. The Orderly kicked the door with his boot as I was about knocking and the door flung inwards startling Oga Dan and the lady sitting on his laps with her Bosom over his face. It was Chioma sitting on Oga Dan’s laps with her blouse unbuttoned. She jumped out of her skin as she saw me.

Ghost o! Ghost o! You are dead! You are dead! She screamed pointing at me and cowering beside the refrigerator in the office

How can? Oga Dan asked; but you were dead! I saw the picture of your battered corpse!

Is that why you are putting on my clothes? I asked; you are wearing a dead man’s clothes!

He hurriedly pulled off everything he wore save for his boxers.

Please take your clothes if it is what you have come for! I have no hand in your death! He said throwing my clothes towards me.

Put my clothes in my bag and give me the keys to where ever you kept my belongings, I have come to pack my things!

Em em, your things are no longer in the hotel! We shared everything amongst our selves when the police said you were dead!

What? The Orderly shouted; you mean that you people shared his property without his family’s consent? Is that what he wrote in his will?

No sir! Oga Dan said; but please is this man dead or not?

I am not dead Oga Dan! Your plans failed! God came to my rescue for I am more than a conqueror! I don’t even believe I could use that biblical phrase, though it suited the situation at hand.

It was at this point that Chioma came under the attack of epileptic seizure; she started to shake and contort as she fell to the ground.

Help me! Help me help her! Oga Dan shouted

Leave her! I said; just get a metal spoon and put between her teeth then hold her in position until she calms down.

Is that all? Will that do? Oga Dan asked nervously as he got a spoon from inside the refrigerator and forced it between Chioma’s gnashing teeth. He held onto her as she convulsed for fifteen minutes before she was relieved.

By this time, some of the staff of the hotel had come into the office. Oga Dan was half Unclad wearing only his boxers while Chioma was in his arms with her blouse opened exposing her Bosom. I looked up at the cabinet in Oga Dan’s office and saw my travelling bag there, the one I returned from home on the day of my arrest. I brought it down, my documents were intact.

Chioma got hold of herself and started to dress up shamefully.

Oga Dan and Chioma! I called. How on earth did the two of you start to date each other? My two good friends! I can’t understand! I asked.

It is Chioma o! BJ believe me it was Chioma that told me that you were a cultist and was involved in the death of DJ Slam, she also testified to the Police that you were on the run, even when you died, it was Chioma that told me that you have no relations that would come for your property, that was why I shared it; Oga Dan confessed.

Chioma! Is it true? I asked; am I a cultist? Did Slam himself not tell you that I was a Jew man? What did I do to you to set me up even unto my death? And now you are sleeping with my boss? Chioma!

You were sleeping with my friends! She snapped

Oh! Is that it? The truth is that all of you are the same! You and your friends are a rotten slot! Your friends came after me when you left me because I refused to buy the Car for you! I begged you severally to no avail so you have no right to be jealous that I was sleeping with your friends! So is that why you set me up? To the extent that I was killed by the police and it does not bother you? Let me show you something.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my singlet, everyone in the office screamed.

I pulled off my shoes and pulled down my trousers then I pulled my boxers up to reveal the scars on my thighs.

This is what the police did to me! I turned round for every one to see. Someone pushed her way to the front of the small crowd in the office, it was Amara. She screamed when she saw me, she closed her mouth with her hand when she saw my body and she sank to the floor.

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I continued; I was arrested for no just cause! I was cuffed and hung from the ceiling Unclad. I was flogged continuously for one hour! I was burnt all over with pressing iron! My ankles and my knees were dislocated with a hammer! I was slashed with razor blades and the wounds stashed with red hot paper for no just cause! They used pliers to break the small bones on my feet. I cried, I screamed! I begged but no help came! My shoulder was pulled from my body! Then I was shot in the stomach! My intestines came out! Then I was carried all the way to Boro pit in Aba to die!

Who did this to you! Who did this to you BJ? Amara rose and came over to me crying! They said you were dead! They said you were a cultist! They said you killed Slam but I did not believe them! I did not know where to find you but I did not believe them! Then I heard you were arrested and have been killed too! I was confused! Oh my God so you are alive! Who did you offend? She wailed.

Your brother and his girl friend set me up Amara!

What? She was shocked; my brother? And his girl friend? Which of his girl friends? She asked

Look at them standing together! I said;

What? This girl? Your former girl friend?

Yes! I said

How? Brother why? Amara asked

It is the girl who deceived me Amara! She had hidden agenda and scores to settle with BJ so she used me!

And at your age you allowed this common LovePeddler to use you? I have not liked this girl from day one! I knew she was dangerous but I could not tell you BJ, I told Slam but I could not tell you! She said.

DJ Slam told me! In fact he told me everything you wanted to tell me but I was a fool not to be able to read between the lines.

Ha! Human beings are wicked o! Amara faced her brother and Chioma; look at somebody’s child! Look! Look! What you people did to him! Look at scars on a human beings body? Can these scars ever wipe off for life? Look at the bullet wound on his stomach! And you people have the temerity to sleep with each other after killing him? God! Human beings! And brother why are you Unclad? What is wrong with you?

He was wearing my clothes! I said; everything he wore was mine except for the boxers. He thought I was a ghost when I entered his office so he pulled off my clothes as if it was what I had come back for!

Nonsense! Amara said as she packed the clothes her brother pulled and put them back in my bag; put on your clothes BJ and let’s get out of here! God will judge these people! Let’s leave them for God!

Leave who for God? The Orderly who has been quiet all the while shouted. Oya two of you, forward March to the base! When we reach base, then una go sabi the difference between the Police and the navy!

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