The Abandoned Child Episode 10


My life was so engaged with people who I almost ran out of school. The black brassiere, the white Angels! The black Angels! And the Amazon Confraternities all wanted to recruit me. On the other hand, different shades of male Cultists wanted to date me. In the second semester when the pressure continued, I had no choice but to give in to Julius popularly called “Major”. He was involved in school politics and an active member of the Black Bats. He happens to be a very charming guy too and he has his ways with Ladies. My relationship with him scared every other guy from toasting me. Both male and female. Did I tell you that I had female toasters too? She asked

How? I asked.

She laughed; are you that naïve? Stop behaving like a Jew I beg! There are lesbians and bisexual all over the Campus that wanted to sleep with me also!

Jesus! I exclaimed.

Chai! Yoruba boy! She teased; well I like you sha! Your humility and your pure innocence appeals to me!

Please! I said; please don’t like me! I pleaded.

What is that nah? Don’t be a Jew please! She said.

No! no! I want to remain a Jew! I replied.

She laughed out loud and held my hands over the table.

I was tactically pulling my hand from her grip when she gripped it tight and became serious.

Yoruba man! She called.

Bolaji! I replied.

Sorry, Bolaji! Cool down! What is your problem? I have not even told you half of my story and you are scared already! Don’t you like me again? She asked.

No! No! No! I don’t! I replied. You are dangerous! I said.

She released her grip on my hand and recoiled, she sank into her chair and held her head, the next thing I realized was that she was sobbing.

Now I was more confused because I was looking for an opportunity to leave her but for her spontaneous change of character, I could not fathom.

What is the problem Chioma? Why are you crying? The more I asked, the louder she cried. In order not to create a scene in the Bar, I pulled her up and led her upstairs to one of the rooms I had access to the key. She followed me quietly.

As I closed and locked the door behind us, she started to wail, and as she cried, she told me her story.

She is a product of a broken home, her father had run away with an Edo woman leaving her mother with herself and her kid brother when she was just seven years old in primary 3 in Benin City where she and her brother were born. The father was a staff of Chevron Oil Company and was sent on internationalization to the Middle East. He absconded with her mother’s closest friend who happens to be her class teacher. Auntie Osas!

Three years later, her mother relocated to the east, Enugu, she got a job as a secondary school teacher at Trans Ekulu Girls secondary school Enugu. She later became the mistress of an Enugu based millionaire who built a bungalow for her and took over the responsibilities of her elusive husband.

When she was seventeen and awaiting the result of her JAMB examination, she took a part-time job as the secretary to the mother’s man friend.

She lost her virginity to him inside his office, on his desk. He had made her drink some whiskey while waiting for the rain to subside after the close of work on a Friday evening. He gave her some money the next day and made her promise not to tell her mother.

It became a regular affair as he took her along on all his travels, exposing her to people and places of importance both home and abroad. She had all the good things of life plus a very fat bank account.

Things changed when her mother was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed international airport for drug trafficking by the NDLEA. Her sponsor was her millionaire Man- friend and he was subsequently arrested. Both were sentenced to forty years jail term and are currently serving.

She had to re sit for JAMB examination as she did not follow up on her admission two years before her involvement with her mother’s man. She had a lot of money saved in her bank and she could take care of herself and her younger one.

When she gained admission into IMSU, she faced a lot of challenges before finally settling down for Major simply because she wanted protection.

Please don’t hate me! Don’t be scared of me! Is it because I told you the truth? She asked. I never knew you before today but I felt as if I have known you for ages that was why I spoke freely with you. I felt I could confide in you that was why I told you about Major not because I am proud to be dating him. I have never being in love, people have been taking advantage of me and I had no choice than to turn such opportunities to my advantage too. I am not a bad person, though I have been spoilt and pampered with money. I drink, I smoke, I go clubbing but I can change! I promise you, I can change!

She clung tightly to me as she buried her face in my chest crying. I held her close for comfort and kept patting her back and encouraging her that all was well. She slept in my arms that night. I could not sleep. I was torn between two worlds! Confusion and fear!

For me, I have no father and my mother was somewhere in Lagos prostituting. I am in school by my own effort and here is a girl I just met and fell for. Her father had run away and her mother is in jail. She is in school by her own effort too. I thought like terms they say repels while unlike terms attracts. The two of us should not be together!

As I looked at her face as she slept soundly with tear stained face, I felt pity for her, I imagined the frankness and openness with which she spoke and I said to myself ; here is another victim of circumstances that have adapted her circumstance to her own favour! Here is another survivor! And I resolved to be with her, with hope that she will change for good.

I picked up a textbook and began to read. I did not go back to duty.

Early in the morning I woke her up with a kiss on her lips, she opened her eyes and saw me, she yawned and called my name and smiled, then we kissed some more, I was inexperienced, she was experienced. She felt for my hardness and held on to it. I was on fire! Relax! She said; just relax! I am not running away, try to be calm! Breathe in and out, breathe normally, she said; I tried to breathe normally but I could not. I was breathing like a leaking hose.

She sat up and removed her clothes slowly, all of it! I almost had a heart attack. I had never been so close to a Unclad woman let alone in the same bed.

I hurriedly took off my clothes too, I had problems removing my boxers but I eventually did with her help. I happen to be heavily endowed down there and she was shocked at the size and thickness of my hardness as she held it in both hands. She took my hands to her bosom; play with me! She said.

I remembered some erotic movies I had seen. I know what to do.

After a while, she stopped me, she pushed my head up from her bosom and she asked; Bolaji! You have heard my story, are you going to be there for me or you are just going to take advantage of me?

What a question at such critical moment? What was she expecting me to say? I love you! Was all I could mutter as I dug my head back to business.

Are you sure? She asked; yes! Yes! I replied as I kissed her all over. I love you too! She replied; I have never told anyone that, she said. She then spread out and guided me into her, she held her breath as I slowly pushed into her inch by inch until I was fully buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, then she whispered into my ear; you are so big! I love you.


It was time for my six months industrial attachment program and fortunately for me, it coincided with the time of expansion and renovation of the Hotel.

I told Oga Dan about my IT program and my desire to work in an establishment where I could put my learning into practice so he talked with the Contractor handling the renovation project and I was recruited as an IT student for six months. The company, “Vita Logistics” Limited is a building engineering company covering civil and electrical engineering works. I moved a lot with the company to their various project sites and participated in trouble shooting, maintenance and installation of electrical and electronics appliances. It was a big learning point for me for all I had learnt in school were brought to practice and I even learnt some more. I always felt proud working with my hand gloves and helmet on. I learnt about safety health and environment and I attended several seminars and workshops under the auspices of the company. I never knew such emphasis was being placed on safety at the work place.

I was so engrossed with the company that I barely had time for other activities; the company had a lot of ongoing projects with the government so we traveled a lot. Many times I slept outside Owerri due to job demand. It was the job that took me for the first time to the almighty “Garden City” of Port Harcourt. The GRA in that town does not sleep at night! We lodged at hotels in the GRA; our favourite was Bougainvillea Hotel at Sani Abacha road. The road that is busy twenty four hours daily!

At a time we spent three months at a stretch without visiting Owerri. We were shuttling between Port Harcourt and Yenegoa town working. I missed Chioma, I missed the bar and I missed my Clippers. The only hair I cut within this period was mine and my colleagues at work whom we were traveling together, but generally I was happy working and being called an Engineer gives quite a satisfactory feeling.

The company pays us daily “out of Station” allowance, they carter for our accommodation and feeding, they even pay for complimentary drinks in the Fridges in our hotel rooms. We were treated like VIPs’. I had little or no use for money so I had a lot of savings in my bank account.

After five months of industrial training, we finally came down to Owerri for one week recess. Immediately we parked our car at the Executive Gardens hotel, I told the driver to take me to IMSU. I needed to see Chioma. He agreed to take me there after lunch; we arrived at the lunch hour.

I did not see him after lunch, he had run off to see his family too, every one of us had been complaining of missing our loved ones.

I took a taxi cab to IMSU in the company of the Hotel’s DJ; DJ Slam happened to be a student of IMSU too and pretty popular. He goes on dread locks and wears a ring on his left ear. I was dressed in a light blue jeans and a Lumber jack shirt on a black safety boot. DJ Slam’s dressing is indescribable, I can only say he is a crazy dresser, and he reminds me of the Nigerian Denrele Edun.

Chioma lost control when she saw us entering her class room. She screamed my name from the back of the class room. There was no lecture going on and the class was a little rowdy as the students were rushing to submit an assignment to the class Rep. She rushed towards me, pushing and apologizing as she tore through the moving bodies in the class room. I was grinning from ear to ear as she jumped into my open arms. I almost lost balance, we clung tight to each other tight and spun. She released me and gave Slam a brief hug then she came back into my arms.

Let’s go to the joint! Slam offered

Can I come with my friends? She asked; they have been dying to meet you!

Baby, you can come with the whole class! Slam said. And we laughed.

Yes dear, call your friends! I said and she beckoned at two equally beautiful girls advancing towards us.

Wow! Slam exclaimed; you go give me one of them o!

You? Chioma asked.

Yes nah! Slam replied.

Tufiakwa! I cannot give you my friend! If not for the fact that I know what linked you and Bolaji together, I will never come near you! Chioma said.

We all laughed, I understand her fears, for DJ Slam is a really randy and bad guy.

I got to meet her friends, Tessy and Katty, their names actually were Teresa and Katherine and together we spent the rest of the evening moving from one joint to another and ended up at Executive gardens at the end of the day. I went upstairs with Chioma, DJ Slam went to his room with Katty while Oga Dan went with Tessy.

My relationship with Chioma blossomed with time and when I returned to school for my final year programme, we were well known together. DJ Slam introduced me to her Cultist boyfriend and we became friends although the guy thought I belong to the same confraternity with Slam. In fact people were suspicious of my relationship with DJ Slam outside the hotel that we worked.

DJ Slam happened to be an all round bad guy in the City of Owerri. He was into partisan politics as he organizes thugs and body guards for politicians during campaigns, they indulge in stealing ballot boxes and eliminating rivals of their sponsors by any means. He was also a pimp. He organizes Campus babes for the politicians and he gets his cuts from the girls. He called his political godfathers his “Chairmen”. The Campus girls that indulge in “runs” hail Slam whenever they run into him any where, “Slam o! Slam! You hear them hail while he raises his hands up in acknowledgement, “yes o! Yes o! He replies them.

Slam was also the conduit between many students who want to bribe any Lecturer to inflate their examination scores. He also knows people in the exams and records department that could make a students file disappear for ever and to cap it all, he was the number two man of the Neo black axe movement. When ever I am with him, I have mixed feelings, sometimes I feel tough with him, some times I get jittery and scared.

While on Campus, Slam is a wild creature but when he is on the wheel of steel mixing sounds as a DJ he is very amiable. He was also called the cat with the nine lives having being a staunch member of the black axe from his year one till date, he had escaped many attempts on his life by rival cult sects and rival political thugs. The strongest weapon he has was his ears! He is well-informed. His allies, his girls, his fellow cultist, the call girls at the hotel all inform him of what goes on in Owerri and beyond. A lot of people tell him things in whispers and he always disappears and reappears when he is in school, his movements are never predictable. He changes his mind on decisions taken at the last minute without apologies to inconveniences to others.

It was Slam himself that convinced Chioma that I was still a Jew man and not a cultist when my friendship with him so close and people had started to talk.

The truth is that I would have willingly joined the black axe if Slam had insisted because I was so much involved with the group that I even attend their parties but Slam had other use for me. He was also an engineering student and I did all his home works, assignments and examinations for him while I enjoyed his protection. We were in different schools though but we were all in the city of Owerri.

In my final year, I lived in the hotel, I still worked with the construction company and I get paid every month. I still worked at the bar at night and I had started mixing sounds too with the help of DJ Slam so I was like a utility staff at the hotel, I was useful in various departments as I also help out at the barbing salon and cleaning of the rooms and getting the laundry done.

My practical experience during my industrial training helped me immensely in my final year as it was as if I had done all that was being taught in school.

Second semester final year, I wrote a long letter to Mr. Adegoke, I skipped any mention of DJ Slam in my letter. I was twenty six years old and I was doing well. I realized I had over seven hundred thousand naira in my bank account; the desire to buy a Car came upon me suddenly. DJ Slam’s younger brother was based in Belgium and sends cars home for sale once in a while. Slam said I could get a clean Volx wagon gulf for three hundred and fifty thousand naira.

I told Mr. Adegoke about the car idea in the letter that I wrote to him, I also told him about Chioma and my increasing love for her.

In his reply a month later, he repeatedly warned me not to buy the Car while still in school and while still working and living free of charge in the hotel. He said I might need the money after my National youth service scheme upon my graduation from school. He also said my buying a car would send the wrong signals.

About Chioma, he wished me well; he however said I should not be too emotionally involved so as not to lose concentration on my studies. He said I should keep saving my earnings for the rainy days, he said no amount of money is enough for one man so I should think that I have “arrived” because of a paltry seven hundred thousand naira. He wrote that my age mates working in oil firms earn twice that amount monthly so what is the big deal? He also warned me never to tell Chioma about the money I have in the bank because she is not my wife. He wrote that she could tell it to persons that might not have my interest at heart. She said women like to show off with their men’s accomplishment. He also said she may not be experienced enough to advise me well,

The problem was that I had shown Chioma my bank pass-book and Chioma had told her friends about my desire to buy a Car, she went further to tell them that I would buy her one too after my own.

It was Katty that came visiting on an environmental sanitation morning on a Saturday. Chioma had travelled home to Enugu that weekend. We were downstairs at the hotel cleaning the surrounding when she came so she collected the key to my room and went upstairs.

After working for about three hours cleaning the environment, I went upstairs to clean up, I opened my door and went inside, Katty was on my bed reading a book; I went straight into the bath room to bath.

I came out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around my waist and was shocked to see Katty standing before me in complete Unclad. I opened my mouth to speak and she quickly stepped forward and placed a finger over my lips. I was shocked to say the least and my mouth remained opened with no sound coming out until she planted her mouth on mine and took my right hand to her Bosom.

It was like I was transfixed where I stood trying to get control of my self but my body was responding swiftly to all her touch and when she pulled down my boxers, I was amazed at the massive and hard erection from my crouch. I knew instantly that I had fallen! And I allowed my self to fall further when she went on her knees.

DJ Slam was all laughs as I narrated my experience with Katty to him. He said Tessy would soon come for me but I did not believe him and I vowed to ensure it does not happen again with Katty or Tessy for that matter. I told him I would confess to Chioma but he warned me never to try it.

Old boy wetin dey do you? He asked; you be woman wrapper? Why you dey talk like a Jew man so? Listen make I tell you the truth Omo! Many babes dey die for you for this town o! Na me just dey discourage them by telling them say you be homo!

Wetin? I shouted. You tell them wetin?

He laughed and said; listen let me tell you Omo, some of the babes you see around me at school or here in the hotel come to meet me in order to get to you but you don’t seem to look their way and since I don’t want to get you so distracted I simply tell them that you are gay and I end up sleeping with them! He continued to laugh.

Old boy this is not funny nah! I said; of all excuses to give them, why tagging me a yansh man? Couldn’t you have said I am not interested in women or something else?

Ehen! Listen to your self now, he said; you just said it now that you are not interested in women! If you are not interested in women what would you be interested in? No be men? He started to laugh again.

That’s not what I mean and you know it, I said. What of Chioma? Is she not a woman?

And that’s the problem! He exclaimed; Chioma! Chioma! Chioma! You go dey follow her up and down like dog dey follow small pikin wey want to Shtt for Village. Old boy, explore! Rule your world! See as you tall and fine! You come sabi book join am but you dey jones!

I no dey jones! I countered

Oh you no dey jones? Simply because Chioma friend come wire you for your room you don dey feel say you too belong abi? If the girl no come to you, you for get the liver to toast her? He said

Why I go toast her when I dey date her friend? Is it normal? I asked

Then why she come wire you, not withstanding say she be your babe friend? Why? He asked

I no know! I replied

Why you go know? He said. Jew man feeling funky! Omo I beg make you wake up o! Na Owerri you dey o! No be Ekiti! For here we dey shine our eyes! Are you aware that Amara is dying to date you? He asked.

Amara? Which Amara? I asked

The same Amara wey dey come do holiday job for here nah! Oga Dan sister! He said.

Yee! I exclaimed; Oga Dan sister? Innocent Amara? I asked

Common shut up ya mouth! He said; wetin you mean by innocent?

Amara na good girl nah, every body know! I said.

Oh no! Oh no! He exclaimed; Bolaji you dey fall my hand! How could you be so gullible? There is no good girl or innocent girl any where these days, it died in the era of our fore fathers!

Okay no vex! I pleaded. Ehen! Back to Amara issue, na who tell you say she like me? I asked

She told me herself! He said;

Did you also tell her that I am gay? I asked.

No nah! She knows you are not, she knows you are dating Chioma!

Hmm, yet she still wants to date me? I asked

And you said she is innocent and good! He replied. Well, she believes that Chioma is a runs girl and not fit for you!

So did you wire her too? I asked

No! She won’t agree, she knows me very well, he said

But why she no tell me face to face nah? I asked

You be Jew man nah! Slam said; how else you want to make she take talk am? All the green lights wey she dey show you, you no fit to decode! Is it until she uses Katty’s style? Even before you started dating Chioma, that girl has been coming around you, flirting with you but you dey form good boy! Abi Amara no fine reach?

Haba! Amara na fine girl nah! But na my Oga Sister o! I said

And so what? Na Oga Dan go marry his sister? Abi Oga Dan no dey wire other people sisters? He asked.

Mba nu, Slam, Amara is like a sister to me I beg! I said

Shattap ya Yoruba mgbati-mgbati mouth there! He shouted; na wetin relate Amara with Bolaji? Wetin relate Ekiti and Enugu? Yeye jew man! No be only ya sister, na ya mama! Old boy wake up na! He sounded pissed with me.

Kai! Kai! The girl fit don hate me now o! I exclaimed.

She can’t hate you, in fact she does not hate you, and she was only disappointed in your taste! Slam said.

How nah? My taste how? Is Chioma not good enough? Chioma was not a runs girl nah and you know it Slam! Why didn’t you tell her that Chioma was not a runs babe? I asked

Wetin be my own? Do I know Chioma before? Na me born am? I sabi wetin she don do before she come Owerri? Look! I cannot vouch for any babe that is above fifteen years! Even my younger sister! He said.

Well, all I know is that Chioma is a good girl and I love her! I said

No vex o! No vex! He said and he left me to attend to his musical set. We were talking outside the DJ cubicle.

I continues to have a secret relationship with Katty, she happened to be very close to Chioma and she knows her schedules so we were discreet but I always looked forward to moments with her, those were explosive moments. I still respect her till date on how she comports herself whenever I am in their company. I found it difficult to meet her gaze so that Chima would not be suspicious but Katty acts so natural that I sometimes wonder if she was not the girl I was cheating Chioma with. But in all of these, I never stopped reading at night. After closing the bar at 2.PM I read until 5.PM before sleeping, I wake up at 7.30AM and go to school, I return at 4PM and sleep until 9PM. It was a routine that I tried to keep.

My first problem with Chioma started when she realized I had over a million naira in my bank account, she was cleaning up my room in the hotel when she stumbled upon my bank pass-book. She reminded me of the Car I wanted to buy and I told her what Mr. Adegoke told me about sending the wrong signals. She did not like the idea at all; she said I do not have to listen to Mr. Adegoke because everyone know I was a hustler and could afford the Car. I declined and told her I have always followed Mr. Adegoke’s advice. She was angry and as she ranted, she cautiously avoided insulting Mr. Adegoke so as not to hurt my feelings. Eventually she threw the bomb!

If you don’t want a car, me I need a car! She said defiantly. It was as if I was slapped from behind my back. What? You said what? I asked

I need a small Car of my own! She said; I need a Gulf 3!

Is this a joke or something? I asked.

BJ! I am dead serious! Since you cannot spend your money on yourself, then spend it on me! I am your girlfriend!

Listen Chi! I said; even if I am to buy you a car, it should not be like this nah!

Like how? She snapped

I mean, like quarrel! Like you are forcing me to! I said

I am not forcing you! I need it! I have been wanting to tell you since! I was only waiting for you to buy yours first!

But you know that would drain my account nah! How would I just buy two cars at once! I said.

BJ you can afford it! I know you can! She said.

No my dear! I cannot afford it! The future is still bleak! I need to save up for the rainy days! Listen my dear, I am a student! You are a student! I know I work here and there to make ends meet but I am not that buoyant! Don’t I provide all your needs for you?

What do you mean by you are not buoyant? She threw my pass-book at me; you have over a million naira in your bank account! Three fifty to four hundred thousand naira will buy the car for me and you will still have enough in your account! Bolaji! Do you love me? She asked

Of course Chi! You know I do! I replied.

Then buy me my car! She grabbed her hand bag and walked out of my room crying.

I was confused! I need to talk to Slam.

To Be Continued…

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  1. I’m really disappointed 😞 in Bolaji. After all you been through is this how you want to write your story. ‘Attitude’ they say is like pregnancy. No matter how you try to hide it, it will surely show. As for Chioma I don’t even understand her. Bolaji hasn’t adopted or married 💑 you and you want him to buy a car 🚗 for you.Some girls are unpredictable

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