Sylvester AKA Shark I’m Almost Perfect


We have introduced a new character in *ALMOST PERFECT* and his name is Sylvester, a young ruthless lawyer with his own private practice, he was an ideal defender of the poor and the oppressed. He came into limelight at the tender age of twenty when he picked up and won a case rejected by many top lawyers in the country. 
The case was the virgin Mary and the Elite case. Four Guys who were the sons of prominent political leaders had lured a young innocent girl hawking fruits into their home and they raped her to death. As the sons of prominent leaders they thought they would go Scott free especially since most lawyers washed their hands off the case. 
The masses protested and cried out for justice, out of nowhere he appeared and picked up the case, representing the poor aggrieved parents of the victim.
Nobody knew or heard about him before, nobody knew who his parents were or how he came to amass such wealth of knowledge and confidence. When the case started, everyone thought he would lose but to their outmost surprise he won the case and this earned himself the name *SHARK*
 After that case, he reappealed many cases which had seemed hopeless and he always brought the bad guys to book. Twice, an attempt was made on his life but he escaped unscathed on each of those occasions. 
The other lawyers had a love_ hate feeling towards him, they admired his tenacity, confidence and determination even when all hope seemed lost and at the same time they hated his guts, his fame and how he shredded each one of them to pieces when they find him as an opponent in the court room.
Now Uche approached him after been introduced by his colleague Annie and he told him about his sister who was raped by his brothers gang, so he could help him bring them to book
Shark felt like a huge fist had been slammed into his chest. The images flickered in his memory quickly. Baby Bose in Mama’s hands as the blood drained out of her after been raped by an unknown men 
This made him want to help Uche more, but he turn a new leaf after Uche introduced Dupe to him, Sylvester AKA Shark will turn this story around, stay glued to as we unfold this magnificent story
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