Please Take Note


Please be aware of the following when driving *from Adenta to Shiashie* today, Sunday 8th October, 2017 to help protect you and other road users.

The following observations were made *between 6:30am and 7am today.*

*Stationary cars*

– Some do not have drivers seated in them.

– Some are in the line of traffic.

– Some look as if they ready to move but are actually empty

*Please do not assume all cars have drivers in them* especially between *Ritz junction and the UPS junction*


Many do not seem to be fully aware of the danger they risk being in by:

– How they cross the road

– How some have positioned themselves along the Atomic junction overhead, especially.

*Please try to keep the pedestrians and other road users IN YOUR SPACE safe as well*

*Traffic lights*

At Okponglo

– The red lights above and across the road do not work

– The amber and green lights work

– There was no MTTU/Police supervision there at the time of observation 

Please *check the traffic lights at the SIDES of the Road to see if they are red* before heading towards Shiashie

At the GSA junction

– The traffic lights do not work at all

– There was no MTTU/Police supervision there at the time of observation 

*Please remember to cross that junction safely*

*The road may be wet*

The are high chances of rain today. Please remember all driving  precautions to take during and after any rains.

Please remember *YOU have the power* to keep you and other road users safer today.

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