Kizalsa With Miss Malaika 2017


WARNING! ⚠ Missing Kizalsa™ Afropolitan Nites this evening might be dangerous to your health! Especially because we are hosting 16 beautiful Miss Malaika contestants @ Plot 7 8pm sharp! 

They will also feature in our video shoot of Kizalsa’s Couple’s Line Dance (Kizalsa Poison) so if you want to join, wear or order your Kizalsa T Shirt or show up in any African inspired wear! It’s going to be mega! 

Call 0243818195 or WhatsApp 0541135348 for details. 
KIZALSA™ – Celebrating Life 🍀 

Check out all their lovely Instagram photos on our Instagram 

Good afternoon and kindly help us spread the good news among your friends. See you later 🙏🏾🌹☕

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