In The Dark Season 2 Episode 35


I could not believe my ears. I scoffed and turned back. “are you for real? ” was the only statement I could make.

Mr. Stanley looked down at his feet as if he was searching for words, he cleared his throat consciously and said

“yes, I’m for real. If you do not give a bleep like you claimed, you won’t be here girl. You can curse me for all you want, you can disrespect me and bring down this roof for all I care, one thing I’m sure of is that, nobody will ever understand me. Yes, nobody will never see the whole story from my own point of view, you know why? Because none of you will ever give me a chance to make up for my mistakes. Even before Stanley opens his mouth, he has been judged already. He has been tagged the devil and he has been abandoned to wallow in his errors.”

Mr. Stanley paused in the middle of his statement, he took a deep breathe and shook his head continuously like he was deeply lost in regret. His words made me hate my actions, I took few steps towards him and stood right in front of him. I knew he still had lot to say, so I allowed him to do the talking.

“You think I do not regret all the mistakes I made? Just because you did not see me on my kneels begging your late mom? I tried my best, though it was not good enough, I tried my very best to reunite before Lillian said goodbye. I could remember she practically threatened to sue me with all the legal agreement we made back in the day. Back in the day when I was still stupid and weak, she continued to judge me with the wrong steps I took. After finding you and your mom through Nelly, I belived in fate. I met with Lillian and pleaded with her to allow you unite with your sister but she throw all my mistakes into my face and told me to go to hell. I continued to press and when I pressed a little harder, she threatened to sue me and write my story for the public to know who I am. I am a public figure, I could not allow her drag my name in the mud. That’s the reason why I gave up and resolved into allowing fate play it’s part. I belived the same fate that brought you and Nelly together would bring all of us together. I did not just chicken out, she gave me no other choice. Believe me or not, this was what happened”

Mr Stanley said his last statement in almost a whisper and he made to take a seat.

I dropped my bag on the floor and said “that was before my mom died, what happened after her death? Were you still scared of her sueing you from the grave? ”

“I wasn’t scared of Lillian, I wasn’t really scared of getting sued either, the reason why I chickened out was to avoid drama. If I had press harder and get sued, don’t you think it will get messy. The love and respect have always craved for from my kids will never come my way. That is the main reason why I allowed peace.

After your moms death, I would have come for you, like I wanted to, I almost did Nancy, but I was scared of rejection. What you did few minutes ago, was my greatest fear in life. I was scared of you calling me a coward and making me realize I do not even worth your love and respect. I did not want to hurt your feelings as well, even after I heard about the video Lillian left behind, I could not bring myself to appear in front of you and seek for reconciliation. I was waiting for a sign from you, a sign that will proof that you want me in your life and I didn’t get any until today. My cup was filled to the brim when I learnt you were here, I was happy that finally, fate is bringing us together. I was happy that you are my real blood and you’ve decided to trace your root. To be sincere, I was not disappointed when you started to rant, neither I’m I mad at you. Only a b—–d will keep cool and you just proof that you are not one. 

One thing I want you to know is that I love you so dearly and You and your sister Are the best thing that ever happened to me. No wonder heavens judge me by not giving me another seed aside from the two of you but guess what I’m always happy that I have a daughter who is making me proud. Now I can die in peace, now that I have found peace with you, My girl. Please forgive a useless father”

Mr. Stanley said almost in tears. I moved close to him and hugged him real tight. He burst into tears and i Could not hold back my tears as well. We cried and comforted each other like a father and a long lost daughter.

My joy knew no bound when Mr. Stanley looked at me and said “you are just like your mother”


My joy knew no bound when Mr. Stanley looked at me and said ‘you are just like your mother”.

I smiled and asked why he said that.

“she also had a heart of gold but I guess I pushed her to the wall” That was Mr. Stanley’s response.

He took me into his arms again and I freed all that I had had against him. “if I can forgive uncle Mike after all he did to me, why can’t I forgive my biological father who is now sorry for all he had done” that was the question I asked myself.

I released myself from Mr. Stanley and said “Dad, I want a picture of my sister”

I could see the shock in his eyes as he opened his mouth widely. At first I thought I made him feel bad by requesting for Nelly’s picture but I was proved wrong when mr. Stanley held my shoulder and said “did you just call me dad? Say it again baby, I want to hear you call me dad all my life”

I smiled and said “dad! Dad!! Dad!!!” repeatedly, almost turning it into a song. Dad took me into his arm and I smiled sheepishly as he patted my back gently. I wished I could recover all the fatherly love I had lost years back, I wished my step dad could come back to life as well, I wished everybody I had lost were still alive, i wished all my wishes could come to reality.

“okay, that’s enough, father and daughter. If you won’t acknowledge our presence, I will take it upon myself to remind you that you are not alone” Mrs. Stanley said, interrupting my thought and the moment I was having with my dad.

I wiped the little tears that had form in my eyes and went into Mrs. Stanley’s arm. She took me into her arms and said something about been proud of me, she also wanted me to see her as my biological mom. I smiled and agreed with all she had said before I walked up to Kelvin. He kissed me on my forehead and make a joke about wanting to be like me when he grow up. We all laughed and my dad decided that we should all have a meal together.

I and my dad ate in the same plate, he was so fond of me and he almost went to the extent of feeding me. I could see the jealousy in kelvins eyes but he did nothing to stop him. We had a delicious meal of fried rice and chicken,after which we formed a circle round the reading table in my dad’s library. He took his time to show me lot of things and he wouldn’t stop until I complained of back pain.

After spending minutes chatting and laughing as a family, I decided to repeat my earlier request.

“Dad, mom, like I said earlier, I will love to have a picture of my twin sister and I also want to visit her tomb, can you please honour my request”

I said as I fixed my gaze on my dad and his wife.

Without giving a response, Mrs. Stanley excused herself and came back with a photo album.

She dropped the album in front of me and said “this is Nelly’s album. Most of her personal pictures are there, you are entitle to have it”

I hurriedly picked up the photo album and opened it. I could remember the album vividly. It was the same photo album she gave to me the day I visited her. Tears ran down my cheek as i looked at the beautiful images Nelly left behind. If only death was a respecter of beauty, Nelly would have been on the surface earth.

Kelvin took the photo album from my hand and comforter me. He made me realize there was no need to cry over spoilt milk, I decided it was better to be happy with the people present with me, rather than cry over those that can never come back to me.

Dad decided that he would personally take me to Nelly’s tomb the next day because he was scared of me breaking down in his absence. I smiled and accepted his conditions before I decided it was time to go home.

As difficult as it is to depart from one’s first love, it was difficult for me to depart from my new found father. I consoled myself with the fact that we would be meeting the next day and I could still see him as often as I want to. I said my goodbyes and long, warm embrace. I left the Stanley’s residence with a pure heart,filled with happiness and fulfilment.

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We arrived home a little late but it was no issue. I had a warm bath with Kelvin and we retired to our bed.

I laid on kelvins chest and allowed the day’s event play right in front of me. I was happy with all I was able to accomplish, from settling all scores with uncle Mike, to reconciling with my biological father, everything was a great achievement. I was the happiest woman on the planet “earth”.

“Babe, I’m so proud of you and I’m grateful for letting me take all theses brave steps with you but there is something left” Kelvin said as he played with my fingers.

I looked at him and asked what was left. Kelvin adjusted and made me sit in between his legs before he said

 “Since your dad has an adopted child now, why not give Nelly’s share of the will to her? It’s not as if you really need it and I know your dad will be glad as well”

I never thought of handling Nelly’s share of the will over to the Stanley’s until Kelvin brought the idea. I saw nothing wrong with his suggestion so I took it in. For me it was not about the wealth, it was all about the bound that brought us all together.

I playfully pushed Kelvin and said “see why they said two good heads are better than one? Now I know that your head ain’t big for nothing”

Kelvin smiled and held me from behind. He kissed my neck and said “come here, let me give you kids with big and useful heads like mine”

I smiled and made to free myself but Kelvin was too strong for me. Before I could say “jerk! ” he was on top of me.

Nothing could free my mind from the day’s stress apart from a slow and romantic s-x.

That was exactly what Kelvin gave to me, just like I wanted it.. …..

To be continued 

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