I ventured into music because it’s lucrative – DJ Mensah


A popular Ghanaian DJ says he would not have ventured into music if it were not lucrative.

DJ Mensah, who has released a new song ‘Bakaji’ which features various artistes like Medikal, Eno, Strongman, Cabum and Lil Shaker explained that he decided to do music was not for fame.

He told Hitz FMs Nana Qwame Larbi that he decided to do music because it will be a stepping stone to move him to the next level as a DJ.

“If it was about fame, I would have gone ahead to release more songs after my first single.

“I know some of the young DJ’s want the fame. If it was not about the money and how far it will take me as a DJ I would not have ventured into music.”

The DJ stated that he released a song with Lady J two years ago but has not released any song until recently.

He explained that his absence was because he had no idea how to monetize the song and how he was going to benefit from it.

“I did not know what I will get from the track so I had to go back to the drawing board to make sure that everything was ready,” he said.

DJ Mensah is set to release a video for his new single ‘Bakaji.’

Credit: myjoyonline.com

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