How kizomba crash landed in my heart 


How kizomba crash landed in my heart & reignited the ever blazing fire in my soul 💚💜💙
Well well well i got into kizomba purely by accident, prior to taking my first step i had never heard of kizomba lol
As an outgoing person i’ve tried so many interesting things in my life to find that genuine consistent happiness but has repeatedly failed.
But my soul just yearned more & more, desperate to experience something way deeper than the mere interactions i encountered with everyday people, a longing that i couldn’t find words to explain.
I’ve searched for it in sports during my active athletics years, I’ve searched for it in fashion doing modeling & mingling with lots of like minded people.

I’ve searched for it in yoga & meditation but for a strange reason i kept meeting resistance every corner i turned until i hit rock bottom.

I was in a bottomless pit & it was as if i was never going to see light again. My soul was lost in the darkness & i was like a dead woman walking.
Clinically diagnosed with depression & anxiety, medications didn’t have any impact, counselling & prayers helped but i was still losing the battle with suicidal thoughts.

Until one night i decided to do myself a favour & step out of my comfort zone by following friends to salsa.
Later i heard the mc mentioned about kizomba night so i became very curious & asked them about it. 
But all they could say was it’s also a dance but not like salsa so i nodded ok.
But deep in my heart i could feel a spark “call it butterflies” if you want 😂 I began to ask myself this question “could this be what’s i’ve been longing for? Cuz it felt like meeting the love of my life”?
And the answer was a resounding yes, wow, i’ve finally found  it, my soul food, my longing called connection, an addictive drug that’s deeply satisfying to my soul, my kizomba, my twin flame, my passion for living 💙💚💛
I love & cherished our beautiful kizomba community & the feeling of belonging 💜
Thank you Kisalza for making me a part of your lovely family 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

By Maree

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