*Bill Asamoah caught having sex with Fanny Fay Akaminko*


This happened in an upcoming movie titled “OBSTACLE (AKWAN SI DE3)”,

Written by

KADA Faisel

and produced by NAJEEB ABDUL MAJID

and AFFIX MEDIA. It was directed by Theophilus Amoabeng (Batman) 

Bill was caught by Naana Hayford, the mother of Fanny in the movie. This issue of sex really made a huge impact on the life of Bill and Fanny as they both were disowned by their families in the movie. 

How did Bill and Fanny come out of this situation and were they eventually accepted by their families to marry again? 

Watch out for this movie, OBSTACLE (AKWAN SI DE3) to be premiered soon. 

Cast includes, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, Akrob3to, Emelia Brobbey and many more.

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