Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in today’s episodes,
Mateo asks Diana for the divorce, she pulls out the scissors and threatens to kill him or kill herself and as fast as possible she cuts herself with the scissors and Mateo looks afraid and asks Diana why she has to do that and she says it because she loves him so dearly and if he is going to divorce her then she’d be better of dead than live to witness that because she can’t live without him.

Marcaria and Lucio ask Benito not to tell anyone about Lucio hiding in there and they reveal to him that it was Fausto who killed Pablo telling him first after Renata was expecting his child and not Bruno as everyone believes.

Abigaíl tells Fausto that there is nothing going between Mateo and her. After, Fausto then takes the chance to ask her to convince Mateo not to get divorced but Abigail says Mateo isn’t in love with her and that is not fair. Fausto says he care less because Mateo refuted all of their advise and married Diana against all odds so he has to face all the consequences.

Mateo talks with Diana telling her that her attempted suicide does not change things between them because he will still go on with the divorce.

Patricio advises Mateo not to talk about the divorce with Diana until she is completely recovered if not she will.

Abigaíl tells Mateo that Diana will never set him free and that makes their love impossible but Mateo says it is not and asks Abigail to promise him to wait until he gets divorce and she assures him that.

Juanita finds Max on the ground all beaten up and he asks her to look for his dad and let him know what happened to him. This beaten was orded by Marcelino. They then take him to the hospital to be treated by Mateo.

Fausto threatens Patricio telling him that he doesn’t want him near Renata because nobody messes around with him.

Father Tomás promises Diana that he will talk to Mateo so he never divorces her and Diana says he can’t live without Diana.

Melitón tells Lucio that if Fausto send people to beat his son, is just to make him get out of his hiding place, and that he better stay where he is but Lucio also looks so worried about what could happen to his son in that situation.

Motor tells Toño that Julián Montero is just trying to take advantage of Efigenia and Eduviges and Tono wants them to search the background of Julio so they can detect if he is for real or not.

Diana tells Patricio that if Mateo tries to leave her again, she will kill herself because she knows that he and Abigaíl would not be able to live with her dead having that on their conscience.

Helena tells Renata that Mateo is deeply in love with Abigaíl; she also opens herself telling her that Gerardo López Guerra thus her late husband, is not Mateo’s father. Fausto gets there at that moment and he threatens her if she dares she will regret it.
Lucio tempers with Fausto’s breaks and he also inset into his car tape a CD without his notice and without his notice and she drove the car in anger because of Helena who almost revealed their secret to Renata.

Macaria sees Abigail with Mateo and she tells Abigaíl that Mateo just want to have sex with her and then leave her but Abigail doubts that.

Fausto drives angrily and he listens to the CD and it plays questioning him if he actually remembers how father francisco died by losing his break? And quickly, Fausto loses control of his break and his car summersaults.

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