Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in today’s episodes,
Patricio visits Renata and tells her he is sure Mateo will not divorce Diana and Renata asks why and Patricio almost spill out the truth about Diana’s pregnancy but he quickly hold his mouth to stop himself.

Lucio tells Max that Ximena knows he is in the city to kill Porfirio but he tells Max he will not do it until Porfirio appoints him as his main heir again. Lucio tells Max he must dig into Ximena’s past to find out if she has a secret they can use as control against her.

Daniela tells Ximena that if something happens to Porfirio, she will report her to the police because she wouldn’t be an accomplice in killing her husband.

Macaria tells Abigaíl to check if Fausto needs any help. So, she goes to check on him and Fausto asks her to give him a sponge bath because he is still in a bad shape because of the accident. She agrees, but Mateo and Macaria enters and Macaria ends up doing it. She then notices that Fausto is very excited and she is happy to still have that effect on him to arouse his passion, but he tells her it is not her who caused that passion but the touch of Abigaíl on him and if she and Mateo hadn’t arrive he is brutally sure he would have gotten his way with Abigail. Macaria then warns him she will kill him before letting him touch Abigaíl.

Patricio asks Renata to have the operation done on her again, but Renata knows Fausto will not allow her.

Diego takes Father Tomás and Melitón to a funeral and finds out that the son of the deceased is left alone in the world, so Diego decides to keep the child and Father Tomas wants them to do things legally so the child will have a home and not end up in the orphanage.

Abigaíl tells Mateo that she went to see Diana and that she told her she was going to give Mateo a divorce and Although they are happy, they suspect she is up to something.

Porfirio tells Max that Ximena is not a bad woman but only embittered because her daughter died in her husband’s hands but he doesn’t know who that man is.

In separate scenes, Renata, Macaria, Patricio, Vicenta, Helena and Amanda wish Fausto were dead.

Constanza goes into Fausto’s room and she tries to strangle him and he wakes up and tries strangling her and shoots her but she dodges it. Everybody hear and meets in the room and Fausto agrees not to report her to the police, but he says he is sending her to a mental hospital but Mateo begs him not to do it.

A crowd demonstrates in front of Simona’s office accusing her of murder of Mia and asking for her resignation but father Tomas talks sense into them to leave the office.

Marcelino arrives at her office and asks her for the deed to her house as a guarantee for a loan Fausto gave to her and Simon looks really dejected.

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