A Case Study Of John Dumelo And The Graduate Bread Seller


The Typical Ghanaian-Hypocrisy Syndrome; A Case Study Of John Dumelo And The Graduate Bread Seller

By Henrietta Adjetey

Last week(end), there was so much noise on social media that caught my attention. I only took proper notice this Monday. I was interested in this one particularly because Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship kept coming up. Y’all know how much I’m into that “discussion” 
So what’s the issue? John Dumelo (Ghanaian actor) took a shot of Godfred Obeng, a University graduate selling bread on the street (in traffic) and took to his instagram page to make a post a lot of Ghanaians didn’t find funny. The photo of the young man with bread in both hands came with the caption “Just saw a knust grad hawking in traffic.. what went wrong?”  Of course, John’s “what went wrong?” question was seen as disrespect by a lot of people!

That must have been the beginning of the “attack” from left, right and centre. Target, John. Offence: Mockery of a graduate making descent money.  Strategy: Strike!!! It was as if Ghanaians had a secret meeting to form an A1 Supporters Union to fight a “worthy” cause. 
…And then came The Profile Photo and Dp challenge

In a matter of hours, people had changed their dps and profile photos to an artwork of the A1 and Auntie Mary bread (both brands owned by the graduate, apparently). A lot of likes for his brand’s page and over a thousand shares. 

Interviews, some selfies with him, words of encouragement, people professing love for his “hustle” with others writing words of prayer over his life. Those who cracked me up the most were the ones who kept asking for his location and how they could order bread from him. 
So why do I have a problem with this? Is this not what I’ve been preaching? Showing love and encouraging Entrepreneurs because it’s not an easy journey? 

Yes! This is what I long to see but not a “one-day show” affair, especially one that is spurred by a John-mistake-turn-hype or secret hate for the actor so an opportunity to “show him pepper”
The Hypocrisy… Where The Problem Lies 

Insulting John for making mockery of Godfred’s effort, fine! Changing your dps and profile photos to A1 artwork, impressive! Praise and admiration for the young Entrepreneur, wonderful! Calling to order A1 bread and telling others about it, Excellent! Liking and sharing his brand page and posts, Beautiful! 

….But hold up! …Are you trying to make any of us believe this is the first time you’re coming across a young Ghanaian Entrepreneur? Like, you don’t know one, here on social media, in your family, at Church, in School, your neighbourhood, no one? Have you ever called one to give a word of encouragement, even liked their page or post of their product/service(something they’ve been asking of you for years), recommended them, prayed for them, bought their items or transacted business with them? No? Is it because you haven’t seen us selling in traffic (yet)? And oww fellow Entrepreneurs, have you noticed how your other posts get all the likes only for you to post about your business or product then … nothing? 🙂 
Moving Forward

You’ve started on a not so great note but if this can become a Ghanaian-attitude, it’ll be great! Going forward, let’s pray for our friends, Entrepreneurs, let’s call and send them texts, encouraging them, doing business with them, give them feedback to help them better their products and services, like their page and posts on their business. Such acts of love, Entrepreneurs don’t forget in a long time! Let’s not wait for another mistake-turn-hype! Let’s make it an attitude to encourage our own! 
PS; This post was in no way put up to take the shine off our amazing Entrepreneur, Godfred, one who has a staff-strength of over 100 yet takes to the streets to show us what true passion means deserves to be commended. This post is only addressing a syndrome that is fast “killing” Ghanaians, Hypocrisy! 

My non Ghanaian friends, I hope this breakdown brings the story in a closer light 🙂


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