Sleeping next to someone you love, be it your husband or wife, makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression and helps you live longer; in the same way sleeping by someone you hate, have an issue with or angry at can make sleeping really difficult for you. This gives you depression and can aid you to an early grave early.
The bible says “The man who finds a wife finds a good thing; she is a blessing to him from the Lord” – Proverbs 18:22 (TLB). Some men ask, why is loving their wife so difficult? Was God wrong? No, God is always right. Love is work and any husband who wants to understand the wife should first learn about her like his old book.

A man needs to know having a wife is part of living but living with wife is an art of living. A man is not fully complete without a wife. Most husbands are not enjoying the happiness they desire in their marriage because they refuse to understand the woman, instead they want to think and assume for her.

A Woman may not like your football game but you can teach her, you may also not like going to the ice cream shop but once that makes her happy, you need to do that for her.

The quality of the husband you are is defined in how well you take care of the wife you have. The quality of a man is not measured by the size of his bank account, but by the size of the smile on the woman in his arms.

Husbands don’t always have to agree with their wives, but it’s important you learn to maintain mutual respect. Don’t try to control her just because you are the head of the family. Control is an element of weakness and insecurity. You truly cannot control anyone or anything other than your effort and attitude.

You should also know, you can’t win an argument with a woman, it’s their thing. That’s how unique they are. Women get the last word in every argument, anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Women take time to process information as compared to men. Remember the first time you propose to her, although she liked you, she still pleaded for time to think it over, it’s their nature.

Be gentle with her and compliment her when she does something good; gently correct and encourage her when she goes wrong. Sincere compliments cost nothing but can accomplish much. In any relationship, they are the applause that refreshes.

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