I have being following this debate of whether during dating; a man should be responsible for the girlfriend’s needs or not. If I board a Taxi to your end you are responsible for the cost, when we go out, you are responsible for the food, my outfit, etc.

For we are told men are providers and our tradition even make it worse by saying: “When a wife incurs a cost, it’s the husband’s debt but when she makes a profit, it is for herself and her family.

No wonder guys are always asking for sex in return, nobody want to be taken for a ride.

This has made many people go into marriage with the mindset of a 50/50 input which most at times ends up in a one sided relationship.

Anyone coming into marriage should understand it’s about serving the other even if the other person doesn’t serve them.

The formula for a successful marriage is 100% – 0%. You give 100% and have 0% expectation. If you are not ready to serve your spouse, you have no business getting married.

Too often people get married expecting to get something out of it then become disappointed and finally resentful and unhappy.

If you come in always expecting nothing then everything is appreciated. Take nothing for granted. No one owes you sex, happiness, love, money, etc. The secret of marriage growth is through service but not expectation.

Love is not just cuddling or whispering sweet nothings, it’s compromising, sacrificing and giving up something just to make the relationship last.

Love is about serving, love is about giving. You can’t love without these. Even God demonstrates His love to us by giving us His only beloved son. All that He has; John 3:16a (MSG) says ” This is how much God loved the world: He gave His Son, His one and only Son.”

Today, my simple question to you is “Are you giving your all, what I termed as 100% to the one you claim you love? This doesn’t go to one person but both partners.

In conclusion, Love is like a shoe, you can’t walk without the other pair. If you lose a half pair and you pair with another shoe, it doesn’t feel right and everything seems wrong.

So if you think you have the perfect person and you make a good pair, take care of it because you may never find someone who will be willing to walk with you for the rest of your life.

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