As one husband is driving in the streets to pick up a prostitute; another husband is driving home to be with the wife he has missed.

As one wife is undressing for the man she is having an affair with; another wife is being undressed by her husband, about to make love.
As one husband is lying to his wife that he has traveled for work but he is actually with another woman; another husband is busy planning a surprise getaway for him and the wife he loves.
As one wife is sexing a different man now that her husband is away from her; another wife is keeping herself pure for her husband who is distant for awhile. She misses him, chats with him often, waiting to be re-united.
As one husband is misusing his money on women and alcohol; another husband is buying gifts for his wife and children, saving and investing for his family’s future.
As one wife is gossiping about her husband to her friends and family, bringing her own husband down; another wife is praying for her husband.
As one wife is nagging her husband, quarreling him and picking fights with him every day; another wife is giving her husband peace, making her his best friend.
As one husband is coming home late almost every night claiming he is his own man and can do what he wants; another husband is accountable to his wife, coming home early, he enters the home and his kids and wife celebrate him, family time is important to him.
As one wife is declaring men are all the same and she has written off her husband; another wife is declaring her husband is different and blessed, she patiently inspires her husband with love and consistent nurturing because he who finds a good wife finds favor from the Lord, the love of a woman changes a man for the better.
As one husband is mistreating his wife, being an average man in his marriage claiming that romance and passion is not for African men; another African husband has decided not to live by stereotypes, he shows his emotions to his wife, he treats her like a Queen, he knows love has nothing to do with race or country and knows those men who say “That is not a Kenyan” when they are challenged to love better are just being lazy and selfish.
As one couple is giving up on their marriage; another couple is doing everything they can to make their marriage strong and lasting, they are seeing a counselor, praying, lowering their pride, apologizing, changing, reading books and watching sermons that equip them with knowledge on marriage.
Right now, some couples are cheating, others are loving; some are using their phones to flirt with other people, others are using their phones to keep communication alive, to flirt with each other, to defeat the distance.. What are you doing?

Are you building your marriage or tearing it apart?

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